Madison Street Capital Service Offerings and Stellar Reputation

Madison Street Capital is a highly dedicated investment banking group with an international outlook. According to the official Madison Street Capital website, the company is committed to providing the highest level of service in areas such as business valuation, corporate advisory, asset management, financial opinions, wealth preservation and corporate advisory services. The company is also active in private equity and debt financing investment. The expansive corporate advisory services offered MSC includes private… Read Article →

Thor Halvorssen And The HRF Loudly Defend The World’s Political Prisoners

One of the world’s most vibrant, yet unappreciated political activist groups, the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), has expanded their public profile through recent highly-charged demonstrations and events. This group is famous for championing the causes of dissidents who find themselves at the center of some of the world’s most important controversies. The Human Rights Foundation, along with its founder Thor Halvorssen, has aimed to disrupt and challenge some of the… Read Article →

Nationwide’s Commitment Pays Off

Nationwide Title Clearing is known for their commitment. They are committed to their clients and to their success but they are also, more importantly, committed to the employees that they have. This is something that has truly paid off for the company because they have now won a second award for being the best employer in Palm Harbor. The employees of the company thought that they deserved that because of… Read Article →

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa gives You Simple Tips to Improve Your Photography with Smartphones

You can always take good pictures. You can use your smartphone to take excellent photos. However, you require skills and good knowledge to capture the memorable moments of your life using your smartphone. For you to create a good scene on YouTube, you need a good eye. If you understand photography in depth, then good lighting is part of your knowledge. Moreover, there are some useful tricks to make it… Read Article →

Securus Technologies, Inc. to Acquire Jpay, Inc.

Securus Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of captive communication, government information management solution, and parolee tracking. The company serves over 2,600 correctional facilities across North America including Canada, Columbia District, and Mexico. In the country, the company serves more than one million inmates. It is recognized for providing innovative technological solutions, comprehensive and responsive customer service. Their primary focus is to specialize in law enforcement communities and correctional needs…. Read Article →

Nationwide Title Clearing Works to Help

Nationwide Title Clearing has been voted again as one of the best places to work in Palm Harbor, Florida. This is thanks to the employees who know that they are getting the best business possible and that they are getting the most out of what the company has to offer them with their service. There are many businesses that don’t necessarily follow the procedures that Nationwide Title Clearing does. The… Read Article →

Andy Wirth’s Dream to Connect Squaw Valley with Alpine Meadows Becomes a Reality

Andy Wirth has always championed for the development of Squaw Valley through tourism. That is why he was quick to propose a construction of a gondola between Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows to connect the two mountains and enable tourists to have seamless entertainment in the area. His efforts bore fruits when the two valleys announced the construction of the gondola last year. The gondola will operate in three parts…. Read Article →

The Cheap but Quality Products and Services of FreedomPop

FreedomPop boasts its Supernova 655 hotspot, which sells for the low price of $199. This 2.95” by 2.95” by 0.52” device is designed to fit comfortably in the average pocket. You will just need to press the red button on the back to turn it on. The front of the device sports five lights which are charging, battery, and signal indicators. This is a hotspot device that holds up to… Read Article →

Securus Technologies Help to Maintain Connections

I feel that Securus Technologies is a wonderful and beneficial service provided for those who know a loved one that is incarcerated. The Video Visitation service is a great way for someone to make memories and share moments with an incarcerated loved one. I feel the service could help individuals incarcerated to still feel connected to a family member or a friend. It is great to instill hope and encouragement… Read Article →

Desiree Perez is the Woman to Watch during the Tidal and Samsung Talks

  According to Claire Atkinson of New York Post, Samsung has resumed talk with Jay-Z to acquire Tidal from him. The electrons company, which is headquartered in South Korea, collaborated with Jay-Z in the prestigious launch of Magna Carta and Holy Grail in 2013, and it has been holding on-and-off negotiations with Tidal. According to I.B. Bad, Hits industry insider, Samsung wrote a check to Kanye West for its taking… Read Article →