Squaw Valley Statement

We are a ski resort holder. Our focus of concern are the High Camp and Gold Coast resorts in Squaw Valley, which is located in Placer County, California. We use well water which is normally as safe as municipal water on normal situations.


In October, we experienced an unusual weather event which contaminated the well water with e coli and coliform bacteria. We detected the microorganisms by our own precautionary measures on November 8th and immediately reported our findings to authorities of Placer county. Since the contamination and treating were done before the height of the skiing season began, the contaminated water was never available for public consumption. The safety and well being of our guest is of utmost importance to us, we are taking all precautions to ensure that any hazard whatsoever never approaches our guests, nor our employees. All restaurants will remain closed until the issue is completely resolved.


We are assisting Placer county water authority to treat the water so that it returns to utmost safety, but we will not rush the process. The microorganisms are under control, but as a precaution all guests are served free bottled water to drink. Although restaurants are presently closed until the issue is completely resolved, skiing is permitted, because it’s a wonderful sport.


We want to thank the skiing enthusiasts who continue to support us during this unusual season and city officials who are helping to remedy a difficult situation smoothly. We look forward to years of continuous ski resort fun for all.

Flavio Maluf is the Leader of an Environmental Responsive Company

Eucatex is Brazil’s most innovative company. The company uses a unique set of materials to produce items such as floor tiles on eleicoesepolitica.com. Eucatex uses the Eucalyptus type of wood to create its products. The Company is also highly reputable for its wood fiber insulation and liners solutions. The Eucatex Group also offers refined lumber equipment for the furniture and building construction industry. Eucatex also deals in the manufacture of other products such as paints. These products are manufactured with high environmental regards and. They are mainly intended for home and industrial use. The company on LinkedIn is ranked among the oldest Brazilian companies after serving for almost six decades.

Eucatex Products are Manufactured in relation to Premier Ecological Principles
Eucatex exports its products to various countries across the globe. Eucatex has a broad client base in Asia, Europe, and the United Arab Emirates. Flavio Maluf lately manages Eucatex. Flavio has achieved great success for the company. He has helped it to expand its operational base. The company was established in 1951 during the unusual era when industries were major contributors of environmental contamination. There were few established industry environmental regulations on mundodomarketing.com during those days. Eucatex was acutely aware of the environment degradation impacts and took active measures to control its environment pollution impact. The company has been able to make profits while presenting sustainable products. The Company has another subsidiary industrial division in the Salto state. The Salto agency manufactures furniture supplies by recycling plant materials.

About Flavio Maluf
Flavio Maluf has been exceptional as the leader of the company. Flavio Maluf has displayed a lot of entrepreneurial skills and experience that have transformed the business operations. His prestigious education background has been crucial in helping the company to attain its objectives. His academic qualifications from the Sao Paulo FAAP University present him with the distinctive business advantage. He has also served other corporations such as the GrandFood. This Chief Executive Officer is also an incredible source of inspiration to future entrepreneurs. Flavio Maluf owns a website where he presents expert advice and entrepreneurial tips for Startup businesses. He also gives recommendations for achieving success during interviews and how to achieve corporate leadership at http://economia.estadao.com.br/noticias/releases-ae,veja-com-o-empresario-flavio-maluf-os-melhores-setores-para-empreender-em-2017,70001657806.

People Are Interested In Securus Technologies

In the safety field, Securus Technologies is the best. They are the leader in an industry that is extremely important for the welfare of the country and the world. They create new technologies that assist in the both the civil and criminal sectors of justice. With their level of expertise, they help in both correction facilities, and with the public as a whole. They have received many statements about what they do, and they decided to publish an assortment of them.


They are also inviting people to visit their headquarters. It is located in Dallas, TX, and they are offering a presentation that will allow the people to see what they are working on currently, and how it will help with the safety for everyone. When people visit the headquarters, they can ask questions, and learn a tremendous amount about the company and the field.


Securus Technlogies works with the Federal Government on a regular basis. They deal with over a million prisoners throughout the year. Since they are constantly creating new and better ways to deal with investigations and other corrective measures, they are sought after all over the country, and they are known and respected across the globe. As they move into the future, their dedicated and professional staff will continue to work diligently in order to make the world a safer place to live. They will always strive to complete all their missions to the highest standards, and they will assist in many ways to keep the people safe at all times.

Equities First Provides Valuable Financing Option

While the overall stock markets across the globe have done pretty well over the past few years and have recovered from the prior recession, the credit markets are still pretty tough for people that are looking to get personal loans. This is particularly true for people that are looking to get an unsecured loan for personal reasons. While getting a personal loan without collateral can be hard, those that are in need of debt could still get a loan from a firm such as Equities First if they have a stock portfolio.

Equities First is a leading provider of stock secured financial loans to consumers and businesses. The company has been providing these types of loans for over 10 years and has quickly become a leader in the industry due to their low costs, efficiency, and strong reputation with clients. To get a loan from Equities First, all you have to do is provide the company with a lien on your stock portfolio, which will act as collateral in the event you are not able to repay the loan.

Geting a loan through Equities First can be beneficial for a few different reasons. Many people like these types of loans for tax and estate planning purposes. If you have stock that you could sell to raise liquidity, but do not want to pay the taxes at this time, it could be wise to wait and take out a loan instead. This will help you to liquidate the stock without actually selling it. The amount of money saved in taxes will easily outweigh any expenses that come from the loan with Equities First.

Another time when people will choose this type of loan is if they have an investment strategy that does not want to sell the stock. Selling any stock is a big decision. If you are looking to sell now, you will not be able to take advantage of the increases in valuation over the next few years. Because of this, it could make sense to hold the stock until the value hits the level that you expect it to.

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Transit experts offer solutions for Williamson County’s biggest issue: Traffic

The Williamson County has been affected by traffic jam for the longest period. As a matter of fact, the county is now one of the most populous outskirts of Austin City. For this issue, you might consider using the technology based on this capability to develop high-end solutions to the state and matters affecting this industry. Transportation is a paramount industry. For a city to run well, its workers must access their workplace in a better way. However, the state of the county concerning traffic jam is wanting.


While we have seen many discussions regarding the state of the city discussed with immediate effect, there has never come an opportunity for the Williamson County to present their grievances. For this reason, you will work to attain development facilities in a better way. For a city to develop, I must have better accessibility to the facilities installed in their workplaces. Workers must also access their jobs from wherever they come from. For this reason, the Williamson County has many grievances to put across. While it has been marginalized, the situation in this region must be approached in a partisan manner. When a city is to be decongested, it will never be complete if the feeder counties are still in congestion. For this reason, a problem must first be approached from the better point of view.


One of the best opportunities presented itself to take care of the traffic problem in Williamson Country. As a matter of fact, the Williamson County is the biggest places in the larger Texas State. For this reason, they will work to determine their result through the discussion. The Growth Summit in Williamson County brought together all the stakeholders working to decongest the city. For this reason, they sat down and developed the better results that can be approached to make business better in manner. They also created one of the rarest opportunities to frame the transportation challenges in the urban communities.


The panel had the inclusion of Mike Heiligenstein as the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Executive Director, Uber Technologies Inc., RideScout LLC founder Joseph Kopser, ArgoDesign’s Jared Ficklin, and Texas External Affairs Director Leandre Johns. The forum created one of the most mind-challenging experiences. For them to develop a better solution for the industry of transportation in Williamson County, they had no other option. The new granola system of operation was voted in as the best solution to reduce traffic jam in Texas.

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Goettl is Dedicating to Making Very Hot Summers Liveable

Goettl Air conditioning is located in Las Vegas, North and South Riverside, California, Phoenix, Tuscon, and other parts of Phoenix including Mesa and Chandler. Goettl was founded by brothers Gust and Adam Goettl in 1939.


Goettl offers air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality services. Goettl offers a maintenance program that will see to it that the customers have properly running heating in the winter and air-conditioning in the summer months. This company needs to keep a 12-month maintenance vigil on the air conditioning and heating units, especially the air-conditioning because of the heat during the summer is very hard on the air-conditioning and these units tend to break down. They also will properly seal the attic to make sure excess heat does not come into the house.


Goettl offers The Good Guys Club for the customers. There are various versions of this plan depending on what the needs of the customer happen to be. All the customers are entitled to repair and replacement services. Member will get a five-year warranty on all the parts that are used to repair the appliance. Everyone will receive a two-year warranty for labor services. Goettl promises that everyone who signs up for The Good Guys Club will get emergency service responses with 48 hours of the call. Customers will receive not one, but two tune-ups for their heating and air conditioning units.


Goettl has a page on Linked-in. It has a colorful cartoon-like picture of their repair truck. Goettl has between 50 and 200 employees in each of their locations. Goettl’s Linked-in page tells customers about the history of the company and why the Goettl Brothers decided to start the business in the first place. Customers can benefit by looking at Linked-in for any kind of home servicing that they are looking for.

Arizona Entrepreneur Jason Hope Shines More Light Into Technology and Entrepreneurship

Being a successful entrepreneur and technologist for that matter comes with many responsibilities, one of them being to offer solutions to the many problems the world faces today. Entrepreneurs like Jason Hope have helped to build the world in many ways, one of them being offering new ideas for the development of technological systems. Jason Hope is an entrepreneur who has been focusing on the development of better systems for business and daily lives with emphasis on making the future better. His futuristic approach to solving problems has been a key to resolving new challenges that emerge every day.

Since the first day he began his journey as an entrepreneur, Jason Hope has been giving more emphasis to offering unique services and products that can impact the world in a positive way. He is one of the few entrepreneurs who are known for elevating the standards of majority of individuals who rely on the products he offers. His products range from desktop applications to software and mobile apps that are designed to offer users an interesting way of dealing with challenges. Having a company that supports research and development based on the need to offer solutions for the future places Jason Hope among entrepreneurs who are championing for change across the world.

Working with young talent
Apart from offering new and better technology, Jason Hope has also been taking part in the development of structures that support young talent. His company offers young and talented individuals a chance to explore the different opportunities that are available in the business world. Jason Hope comes up with different approaches of solving problems and has been on the forefront supporting professionals who prove creative enough to offer solutions rather than run businesses that are not meant to make the world a better place.

Philanthropy is another way Jason Hope has been touching lives and impacting change. He has been working with professionals from various parts of the world to offer them support and insight that is geared towards eliminating poverty and suffering. Jason Hope takes part in the affairs of different philanthropic foundations, which are designed to offer solutions to different problems.

Doe Deere and Lime Crime

Little did Doe Deere know that her desire to find makeup as bright and vivacious as she would turn into one of the most well known cult makeup lines today. Deere started her company back in 2008 on eBay before most makeup retailers ever sold anything online. Deere launched her makeup online long before most other makeup lines and she was often told there was no way she’d be successful because her customers couldn’t try on the product and she’d never get anywhere. She believed in e-commerce and proved them wrong. Deere’s brand was one of the first to come up with the idea of using lipstick swatches on actual models so customers should see what the colors looked like on others with their skin tones online, as well as being one of the pioneers in creating a liquid to matte lipstick formula that’s long lasting and cruelty-free, as are all of Limecrime’s products.

When Deere started her business, she thought there were only a few others like herself looking for makeup in unusual and bright colors. The response to her line was almost more than she could keep up with in the beginning; with great word of mouth and feedback, customers waited with eager anticipation for each new launch. Doe Deere herself has said that the most important things to her and her business are keeping her “unicorns” happy, a term she uses to refer to her customers, whom she says are people that are aware that they are different than others and happily embrace it.

Limecrime stands out amongst its competitors as their colors are difficult to duplicate, and her brand continues to delight and amaze her unicorns. Deere has some of the best, brightest, and most unusual shades out there, and she still manages to keep the prices fairly affordable without sacrificing quality. Although other brands are starting to add more ranges, and unique colors, Limecrime has the market cornered with variety, price, and their customer loyalty. Her business is transparent, and the company takes their customer relationships seriously.

Doe Deere could not predict how big her products would become, because, as she so aptly puts it, she was just a girl who had her own ideas about who she wanted to be and what she wanted to look like. So she created Limecrime and in the process created a brand that many of those out in the world who feel they don’t fit in, or have been told they are too bright and colorful can come and feel they are amongst friends. Doe can relate, and I’m sure she would say, “Welcome to your new family Unicorns.” If she continues as she has these last few years, her only worry will be how to keep up with demand!

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Nationwide Title Clearing – Helping Consumers Keep Track Of Their Property Records

Title defects in property records can create major problems for the seller and the buyer. Due to stringent requirements of adhering to real estate law, thousands of individuals every year face difficulties when selling their property. Unknown to most average American, title defects in the property record can create a lot of legal hazards that can generate long-term legal and financial burdens.


To help consumers clear title defects on property papers, one of the premier real estate record and processing providers, Nationwide Title Clearing Inc., is revamping its website to make things easier for consumers. Instead of contacting multiple source to clear title defects, anyone can easily pay a few dollars to retrieve records of the property title.


In fact, Nationwide Title Clearing has gone an extra step by offering numerous value-added services on its website. These services include reports that can help in understanding title defects. For instance, the assignment verification report services provide complete information about the mortgage, current owner, and numerous other important subjects. In addition, consumers can also order reports such as Current Owner Report, Tax Status Report, And Tax Status Plus Report, among others.


According to NTC CEO John Hillman, accessing property records is important for consumers. It is necessary even if you are not engaged in buying and selling of the property. For instance, you cannot sell your property even when there are simple issues with wordings in the record that does not comply with local real estate laws.


Similarly, many records do not hold appropriate signature of the party such as spouse. As house owners own their properties for many years, it is common for them to neglect the consistently changing residential laws. When selling properties, such minor things as signature can cause serious legal problems. Likewise, if previous liens are not removed, it can also prove troublesome for future transactions. Matters can also get out of hands if a person fails to follow recording or filing procedures when submitting real estate documents.


Nationwide Title Clearing is one of the fastest growing private companies in America, which is featured in Inc. magazine list. In 2013, it also won the Hire Power award for putting Americans back to work. The list of clients include 8 out of 10 top mortgage lenders in the country.


According to officials, NTC is known for providing error-free reports, which is also the primary reason for trusting its records. Accordingly, NTC prides itself in the service as it recognizes the financial impact on consumers who ask for such reports. Therefore, the company takes meaningful steps to expedite the procedure by understanding the impact when a customer orders too many fields or requests documents that may not help the cause.

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Bringing Families Closer – Securus Technologies

While I am fortunate to be able to see my family during the holidays, there are many of us who are unable to. Those children with a parent in jail are typically deprived of spending time with their loved ones. Securus Technologies is one firm that is helping to bring inmates and their families together at Christmas time.


A YouTube video shows the technology in action and I couldn’t help but be impressed with the opportunity Securus telecommunications provides to incarcerated people and their kin. The video occurs on Christmas morning and the prisoner is able to speak with his son who has just woken up. The child is unwraps his presents while Dad, through Securus Video Services, offers feedback and encouragement. It is obvious to me that the technology is a blessing in a multitude of ways. Children are reminded that their fathers or mothers do indeed love them even though they cannot be there. Inmates are reminded that they do have a home, a life outside the prison walls. Onsite prison visits can be both inconvenient, time consuming and emotionally draining for family and the video technology is a happy compromise for all parties concerned.


Securus Technologies was founded 30 years ago, in 1986. They are headquartered in Dallas, Texas and serve over 3400 correctional facilities and 12,000,000 inmates across the United States. Aside from the video services offered, they also provide a large range of other products/services such as parole monitoring, corrections investigative services and inmate education. They have grown from being an inmate telephone company to a leading provider of criminal justice technologies. They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. This rating is largely due to Securus’s willingness to work with their customers; they always strive to make things better.


I can’t help but think that if more inmates were provided with the opportunity to visually communicate with their families on a regular basis, we would undoubtedly see positive results from those interactions.