After a Sixteen Year Battle Securus is the Winner

The United States of America has the world’s highest incarceration rate. In 2011 it was reported that there are over two million people in prison. Numbers like that speak to the volume of heartache, loneliness, and shame being felt by those who wait for the incarcerated on the outside. Absences does not make the heart grow fonder when the separation from the one you love is due to incarceration. The absence of incarceration all too often brings with it economic and emotional challenges and hardships that are directly related to efforts made by both prisoners and their loved ones to stay in touch.

Snail mail, weekend visitations, and collect inmate phone calls use to be the only way of staying in touch with an incarcerated loved one. The slightest infraction could end an onsite visit before it even got started, a questionable reference in a letter could result in it being returned unread, and a meaningful conversation could be disconnected because time on the call ran out. These annoyances were an accepted part of “doing time,” but finally, thanks to Securus Technology, a better way to visit is now available for prisoners and their families.

Securus Technology “connects what matters.” Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, this cutting edge civil and criminal justice technology solutions firm has “modernized the incarceration experience.” Operational 24x7x365, Securus is the industry’s number one in-sourced call center and technical support innovator. 

Securus has effectively removed the long drives, the long waits in line, the rude correctional officers, and the lack of privacy that is so much a part of the visitation process. In it’s place they’ve put convenience and a sense of control. They’ve done this by creating products that give more and better choices when it comes to communication. Prepaid calling accounts, video visitations, jail voicemails are innovative designs that enable prisoners to control spending and communicate effectively.

The second was on the inappropriate extensions of interim interstate rates to intrastate rates. 

Securus has seen the need for better inmate communications, and they’ve met it. Not with the heavy hand of regulation, but with compassion and fairness. Connecting what matters makes the difference and ultimately makes a better and safer world.
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Securus Technologies is not a part of the Securus health supplement nor is it affiliated with the agency, Securus America.

Securus House, the home for domestic abuse and violence is also not a part of Securus Technologies.

QNET Believes That Safe Drinking Water Is A Human Right

In many countries where clean water is readily available it can be easy to forget that there are people living in communities around the world for whom having clean water to drink and bathe in is a luxury. Some communities are very much experiencing what can only be considered a water crisis. According to international non-profit there are more than 660 million that are not able to access water that is safe to drink. This problem also extends to sanitation. About 30 percent of the world’s population does not toilets readily available to them. 

According to statistics on the website the number of people who have access to mobile phones is higher than the number of people who have access to toilets and a third of the world’s schools are not able to offer their students access to clean water. This of course has negative implications for the children that are attending to those schools in hope of receiving an education that will enable them to better their lives. 

QNET recognizes how important clean drinking water is to a person’s quality of life. The company understands how critical safe water is to the wellbeing of communities in nations around the world.

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Posted by QNET (Official) on Monday, March 28, 2016

The RYTHM Foundation focuses on putting the lessons that global social change leader Mohandas Gandhi taught during his life into action. The foundation enables QNET to make its vision for philanthropy and global corporate citizenship a reality. The foundation focuses its resources and efforts on making a difference in three different core areas: community development, promoting community wellbeing and supporting children who have special needs. 

The Positive Thoughts Project will support special needs children by donating a QNET Homepure water filtration system to a school for children with special needs if 500 Facebook users leave “positive thoughts” on a post on the RYTHM Foundation’s Facebook page. According to QBuzz if Facebook users leave an additional 500 positive comments on the Facebook post during a subsequent two-week period then QNET will donate another Homepure water filtration system to an organization that serves disabled individuals in the United Arab Emirates known as the Rashid Centre. 

A QNET product that can enhance the effectiveness of the Homepure water filtration system is the Homepure pre-filter. The filter can enhance the lifespan of a Homepure filter cartridge. It can also contribute to the clarity of water and can remove nearly all of the sediment that may be in water while leaving health-enhancing minerals behind. The pre-filter also removes odors from the water and can make the water taste better.

To learn more about the company, visit their India site here >>

Get Your Reality Fix With The Queens of Drama

Fans of Reality and daytime television alike have been captivated by The Queens of Drama. This new take on scripted reality takes beloved actors from your favorite soap operas and put them together like never before. If you are growing tired of redundant plots and lackluster performances, this is the show for you.

The Queens of Drama debuted in April of 2015 on Pop. The main cast consists of daytime favorites such as Crystal Hunt, Lindsay Hartley, Vanessa Marcil, Donna Mills, and Hunter Tylo. The series gives its views a look into what happens when women with their own love for the dramatic come together to try and make a prime time television show of their own. The result is nothing short of fabulous, especially with the performance given to us by the lovely Crystal Hunt.

Crystal Hunt brings all of the witty, sassy attitude she gave audiences during her daytime career and uses it in The Queens of Drama. Hunt seems to always be testing her boundaries with her obvious competition with costar Lindsay Hartley. While the entire cast is trying to get everything done for their brand new pilot, these two always seem to find a little extra time for a good cat fight. The combination of actresses works perfectly and makes The Queens of Drama a must see for anyone looking to spice up their evening.

Aside from her work on The Queens of Drama, popular Facebook celebrity Crystal Hunt has has a long and interesting career. She is perhaps best known for her role as Lizzy Spaulding on Guiding Light, in which she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award. Others may remember her as Stacey Morasco on One Life to Live.  Other than acting and modeling, Hunt has taken her career further when she became the executive producer for the film Talbot County. With both beauty and brains it is not difficult to see why Crystal Hunt is one of the most recognizable faces in daytime television today.  Crystal’s photography portfolio is interesting to behold as well.

For anyone who has a love for reality television or an addiction to a favorite soap, The Queens of Drama is the perfect combination of the two. Settle in and give it a try tonight, you will be happy you did!