Coriant – World-Class on the World Stage

High bandwidth on-demand applications being used by both corporations and consumers are producing never-before-seen growth in data traffic and in turn placing extraordinary demands on the underlying transportation networks.

Coriant works with business enterprises, service providers and data center (cloud) operators to give them the tools and the expertise they need to maximize their existing systems to not only meet ever increasing bandwidth needs but to adjust to ever changing end-user needs as well. Their products are being utilized by the biggest and most demanding networks (Tier 1) in the world and include networking applications such as long-haul transport, data center interconnect and mobile backhaul.

One of Coriant’s key people is Shaygan Kheradpir, an experienced leader with extensive business, industry and operational experience. Kheradpir’s leadership and expertise will play a vital role within the company as demand for applications (data intensive and end-user) opens up expanded and unexplored market opportunities, such as long haul, 100G and over, transport deployments, data center build-outs and upgrades to mobile backhaul required by the transition to 4G and 5G.

In a press release from Cordiant, Kheradpir states that what attracted him to the company was its comprehensive portfolio of networking solutions, technological innovations, global presence and their growing customer base which includes top tier system operators, cloud service providers as well as large corporate enterprises. Kheradpir also acknowledged that as the market intensifies, the importance for a completely new level of innovation and efficiency will be imperative for success and that Coriant is uniquely positioned to provide network operations and designs which will enable their customers to meet these new challenges with network solutions fully optimized to ensure the best possible programmability, agility and automation.

Coriant is indeed ideally situated to meet these industry challenges with its expertise in optical transport and IP along with a portfolio full of industry-leading multi-layer end-to-end solutions.  As the company itself says, “World-class service and support with global reach and local expertise.”

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Fabletics Elite Daily

Fashion forward women online are discussing the article that was featured on Elite Daily. The article discussed the fact that Kate Hudson was about to introduce a new fashion line to the world. Kate Hudson is responsible for the wonderful Wikipedia history of the Fabletics brand.

The clothes feature a sporty, yet very casual look that women find very trendy and comfortable. Hudson admits that she looks forward to the summer season. She decided to launch a new swimsuit line and a line of dresses that should be perfect for the summer season. Hudson adds that she thinks her new line of clothing is super sexy and perfect for any body type.


Their Instagram feed is a great source for the trendiest clothes that are available today. They are a high quality retailer that sells online subscription services to their customers. Their specialty is super casual athletic wear that is very comfortable. They’ve received numerous review in popular magazines that are about the outstanding quality of their clothing line. Kate Hudson is the founder of Fabletics, per this review here.

In her Facebook page, many know Kate Hudson as an actress that has appeared in numerous films over the years. However, her dedication to fashion, women, and athletics, fueled a desire to create a brand of clothing for women that was unique and would support women leading a healthier lifestyle.

Hudson states that her clothing line was designed with women in mind. It was primarily designed to encourage women to stay active and exercise. Certainly, women are more inclined to stay active in active wear that is comfortable and looks fashionable.

Furthermore, her clothing line is exceptionally high quality and very affordable for the average woman. Clearly, clothing does not have to be expensive to look stylish and trendy. It is easy to join Fabletics. Simply take their quiz.

Those that become a VIP member receive extra benefits. Get started today on Fabletics creating your own boutique and receiving great perks that are not available anywhere else, except on Fabletics – Get full info at

US Money Reserve Penny – The Whole Story

In a recent interview on CNBC Squawk Box, Philip Diehl, president of the U.S. Money Reserve, stated that the U.S. penny costs more to mint than it is worth.

He spoke, compellingly, about eliminating the penny, itself, saying that only 25% of all transactions are in cash while 75% are completed via electronic transmissions.

Simply put, what can a person buy for a penny? Penny candy has fallen by the wayside. Gumball machines that take a penny are no longer in operation. Nobody gives a shiny bright penny to anyone because it would be seen as an insult.

The only people that want to continue the production of the penny are the independent, private sector companies who supply the material for the production of the penny. These suppliers use 97% zinc in the production of the copper penny.

This penny lobby and the state of Illinois, the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, seen on the face of the penny, are alone in their desire to see the penny continue as a viable coin in the American marketplace.

Many people don’t even stop and pick up a penny anymore, it has such a small value. Diehl said in his interview that if you stop to pick up a penny, you are making less than minimum wage for your efforts.

Nothing costs just one penny, anymore. Penny candy was the last American Product priced at a penny.

Consider other world currencies for a moment. In one third world economy where 500 units of their currency are equal to one American dollar, the smallest part of that currency system is a coin designated at a value of 5.