Getting Doxxed: a Nightmare You Need Not Experience

A man who recently was “doxxed”, which means much of his personally identifiable information, such as his phone number and home address, was published on the Internet by some low-life malicious online troll. He did not reveal much of what happened after that, except to say the harassment suddenly came to his phone and door in real life! He did mention a real and very effective remedy: hiring Status Labs to help him do a major recovery of his privacy with ‘digital hygiene’.


He mentioned that he sat down with the founder and president of Status Labs, Darius M. Fisher, and received a fascinating education in all the ways to manage a crisis such as he was having, and the many tools available to fix damaged online reputations. Afterwards, the man mentioned that he felt like he had just met the male equivalent of Olivia Pope, the high-powered crisis manager to the mayor in the TV series “Scandal”.


Fisher runs Status Labs a bit like an Internet arena version of Olivia Pope & Associates. However, if a hacker, troll, punk does cause you grief, the company is open with the basic checklist of 5 steps they perform to start the process of reputation recovery:


  1. Get rid of any personal data online.
  2. Restrict your personal data settings on social media.
  3. Force yourself to change passwords regularly.
  4. Search for yourself on Google.
  5. How to handle a privacy problem.


Step number 5 will occur for most people at some time in their lives. Fisher’s number 1 rule to deal with a personal privacy breach is: “Do Not Panic!” Freaking out is exactly the response the trolls are waiting for. Do not let them have it, as it only excites them and encourages further attacks. He then follows a plan that is very much basic forensics, to undo some of the damage and overlay searchable content that supplants the rest of the damage, in the long run.

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Brian Bonar’s Diversified Success in the Midst of Recession Recovery

Brian Bonar holds several positions as President, Treasurer, Secretary, Director, Chairman, CEO and CFO of a professional employment organization (PEO) services company called Trucept (a.k.a. TREP) Inc. Read more on this at: Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor

This means that they trek the records of the insurances and taxes as well as directing the work activities during the day. For a fee, the provide services such as recruitment coaching, employees training, payroll taxes and unemployment and insurance claims management.

Brian Bonar has been involved with several other similar companies, including the founding of American Management Services LLC and serving as the Director of the business solution company, Dalrada Financial Corporation for 20 years.

TREP assists employees through three other companies that it controls, STASI (Smart Track Automated Services Inc.), Smart Trek Service Solutions Corp and Smart Trek Services Inc., which is also subsidized by STASI.

Dr. Bonar has helped TREP to expand its services to include assistance with HR (human resource) management and especially to include companies that offer diversified financial services such as healthcare staffing and drug testing – and

Dr. Bonar’s role with TREP now is to oversee the company overall as its head and to ensure that it’s general reputation is maintained. His ways of expanding their clients has helped to ensure that their assets remain secure and his ways of increasing their openness to new sets of clients have ensured that TREP is a very difficult company to beat in the competition.

Dr. Bonar can be considered to be a role model not just among the employees in his companies but also to other potential entrepreneurs who aspire to work in the financial field.

Dr. Bonar’s passion for what he does shows through not only the expansions that have occurred under his leadership but also his willingness to provide his own and pass on his ways of business coaching to his own employees.

Another thing that makes someone like Dr. Bonar so remarkable is that he has managed to become extremely successful during the time of recovery from the Great Recession, when it is still considered to be quite difficult to become successful. He has followed the current trend of diversification within businesses and combined it with ensuring that his employees are on the same page with his business coaching techniques.

No one can replace Dr. Bonar but his coaching techniques are showing the hope that it will be easy to pass on to business owners and entrepreneurs for generations to come.

Financial Management and Capital Restructuring Made Easy With Madison Street Capital

Asset management and capital restructuring can be a necessary step for achieving greater success for many companies and organizations. This can give a company a new look and approach geared towards gaining success. Restructuring capital reviews on the way a company manages its assets and reforms it for optimal profits. Madison Street Capital currently provides some of the best quality services in capital restructuring for businesses and individuals around the globe. The recently released a video on Youtube explaining what services they provide.

The strategies for capital restructuring at Madison Capital help businesses lower their overall expenses, while increasing their efficiency of operations and total potential for success. In the current world of business, things are quick to change within the market. This means capital restructuring is needed continually as the market continues to evolve. These restructuring services provided at Madison Capital help firms succeed over time by allowing them to better handle competitive challengers, meet shareholder needs, improve choices related to management and help maintain balance.

Based on reports from Bloomberg, the financial services around management and restructuring are all the rage within the business market. Madison Capitals services have helped many industries across the globe rise above the current market and find great success. They also help other companies grow but slashing their overall costs and increasing their total annual profits. Most companies that have used Madison Street Capitals have successfully recorded increased capital and lower debt based on the changes to financial management. These changes give companies, especially those that are struggling, a change to overcome the competitive market and become a top performing business in the industry.

As a pioneer in investment banking, Madison Street capital has been able to achieve great success, especially within the middle markets, where the hold the majority of their expertise. The firm specializes in supplying solutions for investment banking, such as mergers and acquisitions, to the market. Madison Capital also places great focus on customer satisfaction and service.

The Success of Madison Street Capital

Dick DeVos Finds a New CEO

Dick DeVos is an individual who is most noted for giving back to his community in Michigan. Mr. DeVos and his family are proud owners and developers of Amway Corporation which is an international company that has generations of DeVos family members continuing to grow the company. Dick DeVos most notable started out at Amway Corporation with a degree in business and climbed his way up the ladder to become a vice president of the company. During his position as vice president, Mr. DeVos increased international sales to become 50 percent of the company’s annual revenue. The sales were successfully made between the 18 different countries that Amway Corporation is involved with.

Dick DeVos has held multiple executive positions. His act for business as well as his intelligence have made him constantly sought after by businesses hiring leaders. Dick DeVos’ large success has even enabled him to pursue political ventures including the funding of current GOP candidates. Dick DeVos has built his wealth as well as his company and now wants to share his wealth with not only his community, but also with his nation. As a successful individual, Mr. DeVos has been passionately involved with making his community a better place to live in and to be involved with.

As Dick DeVos continues to pursue philanthropy, he has also pursued finding a new CEO for his company, The Stow Company Inc. The Stop Company Inc. is one of the largest companies that specializes in home storage as well as organized products. This new CEO comes with much experience as well as a well known intellectual. This individual is named Phil Dolci and is excited to not only work with the DeVos family, but is also excited to work to build the company up even more. With over 20 years of experience in leadership, Dolci has been marked as a accomplished leader in marketing and manufacturing.

The DeVos family has expressed their excitement to work with this individual as he is a top notch leader that will steer the company to the right direction. Mr. Dolci’s most recent accomplishment prior to accepting this position was as CEO of Crosman Corporation, a leading global designer.

FreedomPop Pioneers New Mobile Business Model with WhatsApp

As originally reported on venturebeat, FreedomPop is offering free access to its messaging app WhatsApp for its users in Spain. This free access will be available no matter how much data the users have left.

A Los Angeles-based company, FreedomPop has become known for catering to customers who need more data than is offered in basic bundles and giving them opportunities to text and talk for free.

WhatsApp is owned by Facebook and also has a history of partnering with E-Plus, a German network, to give people who need unlimited messaging a special SIM card designed specifically for the app.

FreedomPop’s launch with WhatsApp does not involve the use of Facebook to help market the service, and this is what makes the Spain launch so unique. FreedomPop is hoping that tying their service to WhatsApp, Spain’s most widely-used app for texting, in addition to offering a generous free bundle of data, text, and minutes, that that will motivate users to sign up for paid services and become full customers.

FreedomPop also offers its American, British, and Spanish customers roaming service free of charge in more than 30 countries, which the company hopes will be another selling point for potential customers. Overall, along with FreedomPop’s embrace of the new business model with WhatsApp and its plans for expansion into other countries, it hopes to grow either through partnership with other mobile companies or breaking into markets in unique ways.
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