Andy Wirth is A Man Who Can Get Things Done & Squaw Valley Progress is Proof

Squaw Valley Resort has been working on their latest expansion plans for a while now and recently the plan cleared yet another major hurdle on its way to becoming reality. The planning commission of Placer County recently approved the proposal in a very civil meeting that provided Squaw Valley with a unanimous thumbs up. Read more: Andy Wirth | Powder Magazine

Now with the expansion plans moving this fall to the county board of supervisors for final approval, one of Lake Tahoe’s oldest and most popular ski destinations will soon be able to provide guests with a higher level of service and luxury than ever before.

According to Bloomberg, Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth is pleased at the progress that the expansion plans are making to say the least. In a recent interview he stated that he was happy with how civil and cooperative all sides are being on the matter and that he wants his company to be at the forefront of solving some of the key issues which are in question about not only the expansion of squaw valley but of other projects which have been proposed in the area for the near future.

This isn’t the first time that  Andy Wirth has been in the midst of a carefully balanced business situation. He is a very prominent figure in both economic and environment scenes in the Lake Tahoe area and a major contributor to community improvement efforts.

He is cofounder of the ironman charity team and organization called Wounded Warrior Support to assist special operations military personnel who have been injured in duty rebuild their lives. He founded the organization and started to devote significant time to it and other community efforts after a near fatal sky diving accident gave him a new perspective.

The merger of Alpine Meadows into Squaw Valley and the new Base to Base gondola system which is part of the resorts expansion has brought a new level of enjoyment to a Lake Tahoe institution and helped to craft it into one of the most premier destinations in the world for mountain fun in both winter and summer.

The expansion plan getting approved by the planning commission with no resistance just goes to show that Andy Wirth is a man who not only cares about business but his community and can get things done which benefit both.

The Benefits of Using FreedomPop

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Even the upgrades the FreedomPop offers to the consumer are upgrades that are affordable and that also do not break the bank. with 10 million wifi hot spots located across the United States, it is easy to find a connection within the cities and the more suburban areas.

With this in mind, it is recommended that if a potential user of FreedomPop lives in the rural area, the mobile service may not work for that individual. With this in mind, be sure to ask other FreedomPop users in the area to see how their mobile carrier fares without the continuous wifi connection. With so many options for different mobiles and for different data plans, this company offers the best services and even the best products that are affordable for each and every customer that is located in a more urbanized area with more available hot spots.

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Richard Blair and His Company, Wealth Solutions

Renting out your home is a great way to make extra money. However, many people don’t realize the problems that come along with the landlord/tenant relationship. While it’s great to collect that monthly payment for doing almost nothing, there are people who can damage the property, not pay the rent, and they can cause all kinds of legal problems. All of these problems can end up before a judge who decides if and when you get reimbursed.

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions is a program made for people who find themselves in the rental market, or they are in other parts of the business that need help with management. He personally oversees accounts in many areas and ensures their financial security. Currently, Richard Blair has more than $55 million assets that he oversees for his clients. His company offers solutions for individuals with a high net worth. He specializes in estate and financial planning, asset protection, and much more. Who better to get information from than someone who has perfected the process.

The financial planning process is comprised of having good goals and proper management. A business professional should always know where their finances stand. Richard Blair will tell anyone that a diversification strategy is the key to ensuring they meet their financial goals. Never put all your “eggs” in one basket. If that basket breaks, you are left with nothing. However, if you scatter your “eggs” into many baskets, one falling and busting is not going to hurt as bad. The same analogy can be used with your money.

This advisory firm, Wealth Solutions, uses technology and services to bring extraordinary results. Richard Blair prides himself on being a Funds Specialist, but he also works with annuities, investments, and estates. Wealth management is solutions for clients that need innovative investment options. Those who are looking for optimum results should consider diversification to minimize the risks. What can Wealth Solutions do for you? They can provide:

• Skilled, expert and reliable financial guidance.
• Tailored and exclusive investing goals.
• Personalized valued solutions.
• 24-hour admittance to savings options.
• Financial statements that offer outstanding security procedures.

When it comes to managing money, Blair has proven that he has what it takes. Under the direction of his firm, he can help the rich get richer.

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The Life of George Soros, the Tragedy of the EU and His Hope for the Ukraine

The Business Success of George Soros
Based on his impressive biography on his Project Syndicate author bio, George Soros is a larger than life philanthropist, business mogul, financial genius and a massively influential social justice warrior. The crown gem of his financial success and primary source of his massive fortune is the Soros Fund Management, where he was the founder and currently runs. His primary command center for the war he fights on behalf of social justice and open boarders for Europe and the United States is the Open Society Foundation, where he also currently chairs and founded.

George Soros: The Passionate Writer
In addition to his many organizations and investments, Soros is a prolific author of many novels, and he is a columnist for a myriad of periodicals and media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, Project Syndicate and the New York Review of Books. The purpose of this article is to recap and summarize his piece published by the New York Review of Books concerning the internal and external problems of the European Union. The full article can be found here.

The European Union’s Addiction to Crisis
After reading the introduction to the article, anyone can get the impression the European Union has problems, and the problems are frustrating to George Soros. The EU seems to be an expert at getting itself into trouble. One crisis will begin as another begins to end, and there are always several going on at one time. At the time of the article, October 2015, the EU was was dealing with several problems within its own economic and political union. The currency has turned into a disaster, Greece can’t pay its bills back, the Brexit vote was coming up and the refugee crisis was causing a number of problems.

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George Soros – Business Leader, Philanthropist

George Soros – Project Syndicate

He Was Right About the EU Based on the Results
Since the time of publishing, the public has learned the refugee crisis is really migration because only a small percentage are Syrian refugees, and Britain, the second largest economy in the EU, voted to leave it because of the failing Euro, which was about to be imposed on them, and the campaign to leave was run mostly on the immigration. George Soros was correct about the addiction to crisis, however, his main concern in the article is an external crisis involving the Ukraine, Russia and Vladimir Putin.

George Soros Is Focused on Helping the Ukraine
George Soros is a globalism kind of guy, and he wants the EU to expand with open boarders. He would love to see the Ukraine escape the grip of Russia once and for all, and he would prefer the country to eventually join the EU. He has said many times the Ukrainians are for the EU, so the EU needs to do the moral things and weaken Russia. Harsh Sanctions on Russia and debt forgiveness for the Ukraine are the two main things George Soros proposes the EU should do. Based on the crisis developments he is rarely wrong.

Learn more about George Soros:–and-germany-in-particular–to-take-the-lead?barrier=true