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IAP Worldwide Services caters to the needs of 25,000 people in approximately 25 countries. They rescue groups at dire moments such as natural disasters that occur in cities, overseas and in the battle arena. Logistical and technical challenges are planned, coordinated and carried out by the company. For instance, their military installations consist of the transfer of people, technologies and program management. The incentive solutions and positive customer feedback reflects the authenticity of the company

IAP worldwide services operates on several principles. All their employees express their commitment to customers, employees and community. IAP Worldwide Services cooperate with each other to propose innovative solutions.

Job Seeking

Those who are interested in a career from IAP Worldwide can choose from the following areas
– General Management
– Logistics
– Construction and Engineering
– Operations
– Program Management
– Accounting/Finance

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Recent Activity

Development of Afghanistan’s Air Traffic Control System

IAP Worldwide Services is collaborating with the U.S Air Force and contractors of the Air Force Contract Augmentation Program in order to create Afghanistan’s Air Traffic Control System. The program consists of non-radar, positive control and radio based instruments. These resources will be used to command flight and visual flight rule services.

In the meanwhile, the contractors of AFCAP are currently working on developing new airways, delivering and maintaining communications equipment and providing rule with services for flight checks.


Two companies acquired by IAP include the following:

1. The Aviation and Logistic business of DRS Technologies, located in Oklahoma. The company provides similar services that include engineering, information technology and communication support.

2. Tactical Communications and Network Solutions that’s located in the Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. Their main specialty resides in engineering, information technology and communications.

Mission Statement

IAP worldwide maintains the same values regardless of where they operate. Instead of meeting the bare minimum, they exceed customers expectations without any hesitation. As a result, their critical problem solving skills and capabilities can’t be matched from most competitors in the same industry.

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Singer Norka Luque and Her Inspiration Story to Stardom.

Norka Martinez Luque is a Venezuelan-born singer, who recently made a debut in the top charts in the United States, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico, with her recent song Milagro. Her passion for music started as a child, where through the help of her parents, she enrolled for music training lessons joining piano, flamenco, voice practice, and ballet classes. Prior to attending this classes, Norka Luque was still active with her academic education. She started her musical career while in France, where she pursued Business Administration, Fashion, Culinary Arts, and Marketing.

While pursuing her studies in France, she got an opportunity to join a band and begun pursuing her childhood dreams of becoming a singer. Through the band’s compositions, an established music producer, Emillio Estefan jr, became interested in her work and took her under his wings to nature her singing career. She views Emilio’s interest in her music projects as a miracle, given the many talented artists, who only dream of such an opportunity.

Emilio Estefan Jr brought together a great team of other producers, the likes of Archie Pena, Hermanos Gaitan, and Luigi Giraldo, who helped to work on the song by the name MILAGRO. The song recently made its debut on the top charts as a favorite on Latin music Billboards. The song has a mix of reggae, Mediterranean, and Caribbean sounds feel. She has stated that her main responsibility as an artist is to pass the positive message through music since it’s the carriage that carries the words to the deepest parts of people’s emotions. She urges her fellow artists to avoid being carried away by rhythms that are born with each generation but to emphasize on the message being carried in the genres.

Her song, MILAGRO, she says, was a message of hope being passed on to people who are experiencing a personal crisis, feeling overwhelmed like she did, and are hoping for a miracle. She says she is a result of the different situations she went through in her life and changed her general view of the world to a more positive one, that enabled her value life more. The positive view brought the realization of her destiny, which is to inspire and show love through music.

Norka Martinez Luque’s World Changing Music

Venezuela has given the world the gift of positivity. Born in 1986, Norka Martinez Luque works with Emilio Estefan, a world famous music producer. The Venezuelan singer’s first release received a nomination in the Best Female Pop Artist category of Premios Lo Neustro. She released her second single, named “Milagro” in 2012. Milagro was also the title used for her debut album. Norka created various mixes in various musical styles and genres for “Milagro”. These mixes included a pop mix, a salsa variant and even a dance mix in English. Each mix was widely popular in the charts associated with each genre.

The latest hit song from Norka Luque can be found on all digital music channels. This song, “Tomorrowland”, continues her goal of bringing positive energies to her fans through her music. In 2016, Norka plans to release new songs that she is currently working on.

Never giving up on her dreams is one of the philosophies that Norka puts into, and behind, her music. She wants to inspire people with her art, to bring them to a state of confidence and positivity where everything is possible and nothing is out of reach to those who are willing to never give up. Norka is a nice person, full of a kindness and understanding that is apparent when talking to her as well as listening to her music.

When Norka was a young girl, she answered the creative call of music, and her parents were wholeheartedly supportive. They paid for her to have vocal lessons, and to learn to play instruments such as the piano. Norka was also very involved with dance as a young girl, studying both ballet and flamenco. While being so active in the arts, Norka also kept up on her education, which she would expand on later in life.

Norka moved to France and obtained several degrees, including Culinary Arts, Business Administration and Fashion. While in France she joined a local band and peaked the interest of world renowned music producer Emilio Estefan. Working with Estafan is a goal for many people interested in beginning a professional music career. Gaining Estafan’s interest and support is a great way to accomplish the goal of establishing such a career.

With the support of her world famous producer, Norka Martinez Luque has been giving the opportunity of her lifetime, and she is not missing a single moment of it. She is bringing positive energies and motivation through her inspirational lyrics to her fans, achieving one of her biggest childhood dreams.

The Success of Madison Street Capital

For one of the best services that is provided to clients that are looking to make profitable investments for the future that lead to an economic stability, Madison Street Capital is an investment firm that provides exactly what is needed with the excellent customer service and the attention to detail that is world renowned with Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital is an international investment firm that provides some of the best financial services that especially target the smaller and medium businesses. The goal of Madison Street Capital is to regain the trust of the consumers after the devastation of the 2008 financial crisis that was a result of the credit building up in addition to overall corruption. Madison Street Capital is truly an investment firm for the people and looks to constantly improve with the feedback that is provided. Madison Street Capital not only has clients with the investment firm, but also treats each client like a partner. Learn more:

As a lead hedge fund in the international financial market, Madison Street Capital has reported that a total of 42 financial hedge funds were closed in 2015 and that the year before consisted of 32 total transactions that were made. This momentum that is gaining is making an interesting year for 2016. In conclusion, Madison Street Capital states that despite the mediocre performance of many hedge funds, the total transactions that are made between the clients and the firms are continuously increasing and have been increasing exponentially over the past several years.

While focusing on global markets, Madison Street Capital offers financial expertise to individuals as well as businesses that are within the public and private sector. With branches all over the world, Madison Street Capital is currently accessible in Africa, North America, and even in Asia. Madison Street Capital wants to continue to expand and to provide the best possible services to each client without breaking the bank for the services as well as for the results.

Overall, Madison Street Capital is an international investment firm that is dedicated to excellence, leadership, as well as integrity which pushes the world farther and farther into the future. The services that this investment firm provide are of the best quality and make sure that the clients get the highest rate of return with the lowest risk involved in the process. With the knowledge and expertise that are associated with Madison Street Capital, this investment firm will not only continue to grow, but will also continue to lead other companies and public sectors into the future.

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Desiree Perez Makes Tidal Appealing With Exclusive Content


Tidal has been around for a while, but many people had not even heard of it before Jay-Z decided to purchase it. Jay-Z recently decided to bring legal action against the former owners because he stated that the former owners over-sensationalized the number of customers that were signed up for Tidal.

It would be the Jay-Z connection that would bring some customers to Tidal. Other celebrities like Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Beyoncé and Usher would also bring people to Tidal because they were linked to this music streaming service. The problem would be that there was a lot of competition from Apple who would get Drake as a DJ. This company would also purchase Beats by Dre. It seemed like Apple would go all out to compete against Tidal. It would take a smooth negotiator to help Tidal stand strong. This cool executive would be Desiree Perez. She has been a big help to Jay-Z, and many people do not even know who she is.

Anyone that has heard a Jay-Z song in recent years knows that she is the wife of Juan Perez. Jay-Z has mentioned him in rhymes, and their friendship appears to be pretty solid. Many people do not know about the work that Dez Perez has done because she is not an official Tidal employee. She is more of a good friend that also happens to have a great amount of strategic information for taking Tidal to the top. This is good because Jay-Z doesn’t appear to be leaving the music streaming business any time soon.

The surprise is not that he would be around this long with Tidal. He has a lot of money to throw into the music streaming business. The real surprise may be that he has managed to do so well in the recent months. He has some major exclusive releases, and more people want to be a part of the Tidal magic. That is what Dez Perez has managed to help him do. She has been the one that has made Tidal the hip and trendy music streaming service that stands out from the rest.

The music streaming business is huge, and Tidal seems to be a big time contributor.