Casio Audi Musically Wins the Hearts of Many

Casio Audi is naturally a musician, who does well, especially as a drummer. As a child, his parents noticed his talent and enrolled him in several music classes where he perfected his skills as a singer and drummer. Nevertheless, they allowed him to have a diversified approach to life since he was equally talented in finance and mathematical fields. After his elementary studies, he was lucky enough to meet a group of musicians, who were equally talented. Two of the group members, Yvette and Pit, were brothers, who had just moved out of their parents’ premises to enjoy some freedom. They also got a third roommate called Machado, who would join often as they played their music. They also attracted their neighbor Matos, who would frequently join them as they held their music sessions. Matos also called Casio to their meetings and when they were five, they decided to form the Vipers Rock Band.

Casio Audi, who is a natural leader, gave direction to the group. He noticed that the group needed to be motivated to work hard. Consequently, he constantly told them that without commitment none of them would make it in music. He also told them the competition was very stiff they needed to upgrade if they wanted people around the world to know their music. Casio also played the role of pitching the group’s music, anytime they came up with songs. Additionally, he encouraged the members to perfect their skills as they needed to be perfect to win the world. To know more about him click here.

One of the measures that Casio implemented was making practice sessions compulsory for all. Failure to attend the meetings resulted in lofty fines for whoever missed. He also made music the center of the group’s activities, asking each member to spend at least 12 hours in music daily.

Desiree Perez: Negotiating the Impossible

The entertainment industry is usually characterized by celebrities and their accomplishments. However, what most people do not realize, is that the negotiations and management is what truly makes this industry. Desiree Perez, a chief operating officer of Roc Nation, has beat the odds by being one of the most powerful women in the entertainment industry.

Desiree Perez has played a critical role in Jay-Z’s businesses and helped secure the success of his empire. For over twenty years, Perez has been a powerful negotiator and has truly showed her abilities under Roc Nation. The entertainment company, who houses successful artists like Rihanna and Shakira, was established in 2008. The company helps producers, songwriters, and recording artists with their brand building, management, promotions, and productions. Click on for additional article.

One great example of Perez’s negotiation strength is the Samsung collaboration that promoted Rihanna’s Anti tour. Perez was able to negotiate a $25 million deal with Samsung, helping Rihanna secure her A-list status in the industry. In the future, Rihanna’s successes will at least be partly due to Desiree Perez and her abilities to solidify her artist’s presence in the industry.  Related article on

When Roc Nation first entered the entertainment business in 2008, Perez helped the company enter an $150 million deal with Live Nation. Being part of Jay-Z’s negotiating team, Perez also helped the company renew the contract for ten more years.  See

Desiree Perez works in the background of the entertainment industry, but she is what keeps the show running. Thanks to her negotiation abilities, Roc Nation has secured itself as one of the top entertainment companies in the industry. Artists like Rihanna garner success because of the deals and arrangements made behind the curtain by individuals like Desiree Perez.   Perez has accomplished more than people dream about in the industry, and it looks like there is no getting in her way in the future.  More to read here.

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Desiree Perez is the secret powerhouse behind Roc Nation’s rocking

The entertainment industry is a very competitive sector dominated mostly by men. By last year, the music industry was estimated to be generating more than $17.2 billion in revenue annually. The hard workers and the patient once are the once who get to share this cake, no room for lazy bones and the wannabes. But for iron ladies like Desiree Perez, well known as Dez, is riding the industry wave reaping benefits that come with it and making a name for herself.

Dez and Shawn Carter

Mention the name Carter, popularly known as Jay Z, and you won’t miss Dez’s name popping up. She’s among the industry revolutionist pushing mega million deals that have left many with just admirations. Dez has been very critical part of Carter’s businesses ever since he was just still a street rapper till today.

Des Perez has been entrusted corporate responsibilities by Carter which includes running day-to-day activities of his multi-million music recording label, the Roc Nation. She executes everything with one goal, to top up the company’s profitability.

Desiree successes in Roc Nation and beyond

According to a source close to her, she has been the most trusted and close ally to Carter due to her exemplary skills in problem-solving. She has been a secret weapon for Carter when it comes to negotiations and achieving company’s objectives. Her confidence, style, and no-nonsense attitude are what make her unique in this men-dominated world.

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Perez has been reported to have had a hand in Rihanna’s $25 million deal with Samsung. This has made Rihanna the highest paid music entertainer. Not only this, she has been there since for Rihanna, providing guidance and encourage all through. Even way back in 2008 when Roc Nation signed a $150 million deal with Live Nation, Dez was around to offer her contribution.  Refer to for related article.

Roc Nation through Desiree’s leadership has established numerous connections with various industries to enhance the well-being of its clients and their careers. Click on to read more. The company is proud to have nurtured musicians the likes of Meek Mill, Joe Cole, and Shakira among other prominent names.

Juan Perez, Des’ husband, is the head of sports wing of Roc Nation where in this sector, negotiating deals is a must have skill. This is where Dez magic bands come in handy. She has helped boxing stars like Miguel Cotto, baseball’s star Robinson Cano among others who are signed under Roc Nation sports management.

Though the entertainment is not a walk in the park, Des has walked anyway. She had emerged stronger and smarter than when she started. Roc Nation depends on her, though Carter maybe the image of the company. For her timeline update, visit her page.

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