Kim Dao Meets a Sincere Psychic

Kim Dao was staying in Seoul Korea. She stayed at Hotel Cappuccino for awhile before moving to a bed and breakfast. Kim Dao stopped off at the post office before meeting her friend, Elizabeth, for lunch. They had clear soup with noodles, some pot stickers, and pork with tater tots on the side. Learn more:


Kim Dao and her friend, Elizabeth, went to the stationery store to get some pen and paper to take notes at the beauty makeover. Kim Dao and friend went to Skin Food to meet a skincare psychic. A  skincare psychic can look at your skin once and know what your skin type is and how to improve its condition. The psychic can tell if you shower in the morning, afternoon, or evening. He knows what kind of diet you’re on and how to fix your posture. When Kim Dao and Elizabeth arrived at Skin Food, they had to wait a half an hour because there were a couple of girls who were ahead of them. The skincare psychic took his time and had 30 to 40 minutes with Dao and friend. Kim Dao told him that her skin broke out when she was near the end of her European visit. He told her that she was not used to European water. Dao learned not to use her brows but to open her eyes more, otherwise it’ll cause premature wrinkles. Dao has combination skin in her T zone, and forehead heat. She should use moisturizer on her cheeks.

Roberto Santiago Founder of Manaira Shopping Catapults Economic Development in Brazil

Paraiba is no longer cited for its beautiful sunsets and sandy beaches alone courtesy of Roberto Santiago. The 58 year old businessman and entrepreneur has placed the region on the map because of his business ventures. Roberto Santiago was born and raised in João Pessoa. He is the face of the state of Paraíba where he continues to meet the household consumption requirements. He is famous for investing in the shopping sector segment that flourishes even in the face of an economic crisis in Brazil. Driven by the need to fill the gap in the leisure and entertainment industry, Santiago, the business guru founded the popular Manaira Shopping mall in Paraiba. In 2015 alone over two million shoppers visited Manaira Shopping making it one of the most visited in the region. Santiago envisioned a center where members of a family could visit and have fun. Indeed, he has succeeded in giving the Brazilian shoppers just that.


The center is built near the north coast beaches. Santiago’s Manaira Shopping is one of the largest in the region occupying an area of seventy five thousand square meters. It houses twenty eight stores each with distinct features. His entrepreneurial vision of providing multiple services in a single space is reflected in the amenities offered in the center. It houses a college, concert hall and gymnasium meaning that it houses different kinds of people.


Manaira Shopping boasts of some of the best entertainment equipment in the region. These entertainment devices occupy eleven rooms in the building. The movie section is equipped with advanced machines for the benefit of customers. It has a VIP section for customers who are willing to pay more for a movie. The 3-dimension room is fitted with armchairs that ensure greater visibility. Additionally, the bowling tracks are modern and electronic to meet the needs of the young generation who visit the center. It also has over two hundred electronic game machines suitable for different ages and tastes. There are also ballrooms for hire, as well as exquisite food for visitors. Roberto Santiago is a visionary entrepreneur, and continues to promote economic development in the country.


Roberto Santiago’s idea of opening up a center like this one in the region has helped many people. The value of houses in the city has appreciated since the creation of Manaira Shopping. Additionally, other investment companies have shown interest in the region with others going ahead and opening up businesses. His business idea has also improved the lives of residents in the city through the creation of employment. Santiago also managed to provide for a variety of needs, which is his greatest achievement.


Know the Music Career of Cassio Audi

Many people who know Cassio Audi today probably know him for something else but not music. Probably because his time in the music industry was not long or just because there is little information out there regarding this fact. Cassio Audi was a founding member of a rock music group known as Viper Rock Band. Viper Rock Band was founded in 1985 by Cassio Audi and for other partners. His partners were Pit Passarell, Felipe Machado, Yves Passarell and Andre Machado. They all entered the music scene when they were teenagers. All of them were Brazilian. They emulated a British heavy metal music group called the Iron Maiden. They looked upon this group as inspiration since they were their role models. Those who knew Cassio Audi concur that he was a dedicated and talented musician who would have had a great career. He doubled up as music composer and drummer for the band.

Viper Rock Band dropped their first demo album known as “The Killera Sword.” Some of the tracks in the album included; Killera, the Princess from Hell, and Signs of the Night. These songs were to later find their way into the official album released in1987. The album was called Soldiers of Sunrise. These songs were however not released in their original form. Some adjustments had been made. At the time of releasing the first album, Cassio Audi was still the drummer for the band. After the release of the first album, most fans and critics agreed that the releases were classical but there was still room for improvement since this was their first debut.

Cassio was specifically pointed out as one of the strongest pillars of the group. His talent in music was very promising. However, in 1989, he left the band and was never again part of any musical recording or performance by the band. He decided to join college and pursue a degree in business administration. After his bachelors, he joined the University of Sao Paulo for MBA in Finance.

Fronting Grassroots Civil Liberties; Asian Americans Advancing Justice and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Civil liberty groups all around the world play an important role of championing human rights and protecting refugees and immigrants. The support offered by these organizations comes in variety of forms, including food, healthcare and legal services.

The Asian Americans Advancing Justice (Advancing Justice- LA) is a leading American legal center based in Los Angeles, CA. The center promotes creation of coalitions; advocates for civil rights and grants legal services and education to Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders and Native Hawaiians.

As of today, Advancing Justice- LA stands out as the largest civil rights and legal organization championing for the rights of Asian people and interrelated communities. Since its establishment in 1980, the group has grown from 1 attorney to a strong team of 80 attorneys, leadership trainers, researchers and support staff. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The core services provided by the legal center include; Direct Services, Leadership Development, Impact Litigation and Policy and Research Services.

The legal and education services offered under Direct Services target people who understand little or no English. In terms of Policy and Research, the center has the capacity to defend civil rights through legislative means and advocacy.

The Impact Litigation services provided include lawsuits and legal actions aimed at making systemic changes in the society, business and government circles.

Members of the public and other interest groups are encouraged to participate and donate to the organization to support its mission to impact the community positively. In 2017, over 500 volunteers donated their time and skills to help Advancing Justice – LA carry out its objectives throughout the US.

In a strategy to sensitize the public and stakeholders about its services, Advancing Justice – LA periodically publishes reports on voter data, census information and client stories. Public information is also relayed via newsletters and press releases.

About Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

The Cofounders of the Phoenix New times and Village Voice Media, Michel Lacey and Jim Larkin established the now well-known Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund to support migrant rights groups in Arizona.

The fund benefitted from $3.7 million settlement awarded to the newsmen by a Court in Arizona for wrongful arrest by the then Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The journalists were arrested on the night of October 18, 2017 for revealing the existence of grand jury proceedings that sought reporter’s notes on the Sheriff. The grand jury subpoenas also demanded to know the identities of New Times readers interested in Arpaio articles.

Unperturbed by the forces that want to curtail civil liberties, continue to report on various issues affecting immigrants and civilians in general. The news article portal covers a host of topics under; DACA/DREAM, Arpaio Archives, In the Media and Trump Watch.

One of the latest installations about Donald Trump is a proposal by civil rights groups to encourage citizens of Arizona to exercise their freedom of speech by matching against Trump, during his visit to the state. The President is expected to pardon former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and 45 people criminally sentenced and pardoned by the Sheriff.