Malcolm CasSelle Reiterates that the Gaming Industry Will Take Over Online Payment Platforms

For years, OPSkins has been the primary marketplace for virtual assets. It has been in charge of more than 100 million transactions that involve millions of clients every year. By building OPSkins, the founders also respect the fact that there is an opportunity to create an international decentralized marketplace for clients through WAX, a technology-based blockcahin that has become one of the most successful blockchains in 2017.


In an interview to discuss the future of blockchain technology, Malcolm CasSelle gives an explanation about Worldwide Asset eXchange. He also addresses its advantages including how handy it becomes in creating a safe marketplace for online gamers. Aside from that, WAX is good at dealing with fraudulent cases. The interview dives into how possible it is for WAX to eliminate every aspect of fraud while enabling gamers to tokenize their assets instantly. It also allows clients to sell and buy games without having to click off their screens. As such, users will be in a position to purchase their items without frictions.

Why WAX?

WAX will help solve any geographical fragmentation issues there are. This is especially when the users make transactions on a platform without a conventional utility token and they are not in a position to transact with other users who have goods that have not dominated different cryprocurrencies. Gamers will also find WAX to be useful when they need to eliminate FOREX issues coupled with problems that are currently plaguing different virtual asset markets.


WAX is powered by a blockachin technology called Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS). This is a flexible and fast algorithm. It is also efficient aside from being the most decentralized consensus model in the market. Unlike the common Proof of Work model system used in centralized marketplaces, this system is often used by users who have voted for proposed delegates. This makes WAX’s creator democratic in the sense that he chose to go the decentralized way.

Who is Malcolm CasSelle?

Malcolm CasSelle is an American entrepreneur and technologist. He is well versed with the different blockchain platforms and their uses. He is the co-founder of OPSkins and now WAX.

Fortress Investment Group

Fortress investment Group is a private equity firm formed in 1998. It has over 1750 investors and it directs over $ 43 Billion assets in hedge funds, private equity and capital vehicles. It has over 900 employees and its Headquarters is in New York. Its three principals are Randal Nardone, Wes Edens and Peter Briger.

It specializes in:
Asset based investments

This means through credit funds and private equity it creates cash flow that is long term and, that are made up of a diversity of broad assets such as capital, real estate and financing assets.

Operations Management

The company has developed tools for maximizing value from the high investment it makes.

Corporate Mergers
Fortes investment Group has specialized in managing acquisition and mergers.

Capital Markets

The company has also specialized in capital markets and in securing finances through equity markets and debt.

Sector- Specific knowledge of companies and institutions

The company also has a wide variety of knowledge of various industries because of managing many companies’ portfolios. It has also employed employees who possess sector specific global knowledge.

In 2017 a Japanese Multinational company known as Soft Bank Group Corporation bought Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 Billion. However, the company continued to operate independently. The company’s new owner is focused on developing position in the information revolution.

Fortress investment Group recently invested in ipass a leading global connectivity worldwide provider. The amount of funding was $20million in total. Ipass used its patents as security for the loan. It got $10 million immediately. Ipass will likely gain competitive advantage with the funding of 20Million and will be able to acquire profits earlier than planned. The company made a wise decision to invest in ipass.

The company recently in its sixth round of funding which was on May 2017 raised 2.9 Billion. Its return on private investors between 1999 and 2006 was 39.7percent more. On February 9, 2007 the company launched on the New York Stocks Exchange. It managed alternative assets more than 70.2 billion by June 30, 2016.

Fortress Investment Group on June 30, 2014 won the institutional Hedge Fund Manager of the Year. The company has won many types of awards in the financial industry.