Squaw Valley Statement

We are a ski resort holder. Our focus of concern are the High Camp and Gold Coast resorts in Squaw Valley, which is located in Placer County, California. We use well water which is normally as safe as municipal water on normal situations.


In October, we experienced an unusual weather event which contaminated the well water with e coli and coliform bacteria. We detected the microorganisms by our own precautionary measures on November 8th and immediately reported our findings to authorities of Placer county. Since the contamination and treating were done before the height of the skiing season began, the contaminated water was never available for public consumption. The safety and well being of our guest is of utmost importance to us, we are taking all precautions to ensure that any hazard whatsoever never approaches our guests, nor our employees. All restaurants will remain closed until the issue is completely resolved.


We are assisting Placer county water authority to treat the water so that it returns to utmost safety, but we will not rush the process. The microorganisms are under control, but as a precaution all guests are served free bottled water to drink. Although restaurants are presently closed until the issue is completely resolved, skiing is permitted, because it’s a wonderful sport.


We want to thank the skiing enthusiasts who continue to support us during this unusual season and city officials who are helping to remedy a difficult situation smoothly. We look forward to years of continuous ski resort fun for all.