The Aid that Michael Lacey and Larkey have been offering to Immigrants in Arizona

The Puente Human Rights Movement is a Phoenix-based foundation that is focused on ensuring that there is justice for immigrants. It is committed to empowering, developing, and providing a decent education to immigrant communities so that they can be able to defend themselves.

Puente Movement has a mission of bettering the lifestyle of immigrants in the United States. The institution has been utilizing an open hand strategy that is called Closed Fist to develop the power of communities. It works against law enforcement officials who criminalize people by racial profiling, detention and deportation, and ICE-police collaboration.

The human rights organization has also been opposing policies that can cause slow destruction by developing communities so as to make the lives of the immigrants better. It fights attrition openly by creating programs that are resistant. It has held several campaigns to defend immigrants against law enforcement officers who criminalize them. Read more: Phoenix New Time

The movement has made people understand that true change can occur if the communities that are affected can speak and act for themselves. Puente Movement stops deportation by using tactics such as storytelling, organizing communities, political pressure, and using legal procedures. It has helped more than 100 families from being deported since January 2013.

Puente Movement has various ways that people can use in reaching it. Individuals who have relatives or friends with active deportation cases or detentions can contact the organization through its email ([email protected]) or its phone (602-252-1283). The human rights foundation also holds meetings every Monday at the 1937 W. Adams Street.

The movement accepts help from the community, and anyone who would like to offer assistance can contact it. Volunteers have been supporting it by providing legal aid for families that face deportation litigation, childcare, and fundraising. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

Lacey and Larking Frontera Fund is an organization that is headquartered in Arizona and has been striving to support immigrants who live in the region. The founders of charity are Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin who are also the owners of the Village Voice Media and Phoenix New Times. The duo was awarded $3.75 million by the court after they were wrongfully arrested by Joe Arpaio who was the Maricopa County Sheriff.

They have been striving for years to support minorities, and therefore, they committed the money to establish the fund. Their foundation has been advocating for civil, migrant, and human rights in Arizona.

In October 2007, the two journalists informed the public about jury proceedings that were determined to ban any articles about Joe Arpaio. Lacey and Larking wrote a story that led to their arrest in the middle of the night. They even gave subpoenas that forced New Time to identify citizens who often read stories about the law enforcement officer on its website.

Larkin and Lacey went to the US Court of Appeals for justice since the sheriff department had violated their Fifth Amendment rights. The fund that they established has been facilitating the undertakings of the groups that support civil rights and human rights. It has enabled immigrants to have freedom of speech in Arizona.