Fortress Investment Group

Fortress investment Group is a private equity firm formed in 1998. It has over 1750 investors and it directs over $ 43 Billion assets in hedge funds, private equity and capital vehicles. It has over 900 employees and its Headquarters is in New York. Its three principals are Randal Nardone, Wes Edens and Peter Briger.

It specializes in:
Asset based investments

This means through credit funds and private equity it creates cash flow that is long term and, that are made up of a diversity of broad assets such as capital, real estate and financing assets.

Operations Management

The company has developed tools for maximizing value from the high investment it makes.

Corporate Mergers
Fortes investment Group has specialized in managing acquisition and mergers.

Capital Markets

The company has also specialized in capital markets and in securing finances through equity markets and debt.

Sector- Specific knowledge of companies and institutions

The company also has a wide variety of knowledge of various industries because of managing many companies’ portfolios. It has also employed employees who possess sector specific global knowledge.

In 2017 a Japanese Multinational company known as Soft Bank Group Corporation bought Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 Billion. However, the company continued to operate independently. The company’s new owner is focused on developing position in the information revolution.

Fortress investment Group recently invested in ipass a leading global connectivity worldwide provider. The amount of funding was $20million in total. Ipass used its patents as security for the loan. It got $10 million immediately. Ipass will likely gain competitive advantage with the funding of 20Million and will be able to acquire profits earlier than planned. The company made a wise decision to invest in ipass.

The company recently in its sixth round of funding which was on May 2017 raised 2.9 Billion. Its return on private investors between 1999 and 2006 was 39.7percent more. On February 9, 2007 the company launched on the New York Stocks Exchange. It managed alternative assets more than 70.2 billion by June 30, 2016.

Fortress Investment Group on June 30, 2014 won the institutional Hedge Fund Manager of the Year. The company has won many types of awards in the financial industry.

Madison Street Capital Completes ARES Security’s Minority Recapitalization

Madison Street Capital has just announced the conclusion of a minority recapitalization for ARES Security Corporation. The international investment-banking firm acted as a financial advisor during the transaction. The transaction will see the company enjoy more capital, which shall be used in advancing its operations. Charles Botchway announced that the transaction was made in January 10, 2017. Charles is the CEO of Madison Street Capital.


ARES Security Corporation is based in Vienna. The company is a world leader in providing comprehensive end-to-end software solutions. Its security solutions are used to protect some of the world’s most critical assets in governments, energy, transportation, and nuclear industries. The positive conclusion of the company’s minority recapitalization means that these clients will continue to get advanced security solutions. The company is also planning to expand its services.


Madison Street Capital chose Corbel Structured Equity Partners to provide the minority recapitalization. The services provided by Corbel will ensure that the investment will help the company to enhance its operations. The entity will also provide ARES Security with flexible capital solutions and operational assistance. Experts from Corbel believe that ARES is now set to increase its sales revenue. It is also able to capitalize on financial opportunities provided by Corbel’s contacts in the industry. This information was originally mentioned on as elaborated in the link below


Speaking during the announcement, Reginald McGaugh talked about the corporation that they received from the experts of ARES Solutions. He particularly thanked Ben Eazzetta, the president and Shareholder of ARES, on his commitment to ensuring a smooth and successful transaction. McGaugh is Madison Street’s senior managing director. He also pointed at Eazzetta’s challenge to the team to find the right financing partner to the company. Reginald played an instrumental role in the success of the transaction.


Ben Eazzetta also had positive comments on Madison Street Capital. He noted the professionalism with which the team exhibited during that period. Ben believes that the experts have been critical to the growth of Madison Street Capital reputation. The executive leader also praised Corbel. He said that ARES was pleased with the services provided by the two firms.


About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a Chicago-based investment bank. The company has gained recognition because of the many services that it has offered to a wide range of clients from around the world. Its success is mainly based on quality leadership, integrity, excellence, and commitment to good customer care. Madison Street is experienced in merger and acquisitions, provision of financial advisory services, valuations services, and financial opinions.


For the company, every project is unique. The company undertakes each project with utmost honesty, commitment and expertise to ensure customer satisfaction. Madison Street Capital is a stronger believer in the emerging markets. It works towards directing more investments towards these markets. It also has offices in Europe, Africa, and Asia. This network of offices allows it to serve its customers globally.

Equities First Provides Valuable Financing Option

While the overall stock markets across the globe have done pretty well over the past few years and have recovered from the prior recession, the credit markets are still pretty tough for people that are looking to get personal loans. This is particularly true for people that are looking to get an unsecured loan for personal reasons. While getting a personal loan without collateral can be hard, those that are in need of debt could still get a loan from a firm such as Equities First if they have a stock portfolio.

Equities First is a leading provider of stock secured financial loans to consumers and businesses. The company has been providing these types of loans for over 10 years and has quickly become a leader in the industry due to their low costs, efficiency, and strong reputation with clients. To get a loan from Equities First, all you have to do is provide the company with a lien on your stock portfolio, which will act as collateral in the event you are not able to repay the loan.

Geting a loan through Equities First can be beneficial for a few different reasons. Many people like these types of loans for tax and estate planning purposes. If you have stock that you could sell to raise liquidity, but do not want to pay the taxes at this time, it could be wise to wait and take out a loan instead. This will help you to liquidate the stock without actually selling it. The amount of money saved in taxes will easily outweigh any expenses that come from the loan with Equities First.

Another time when people will choose this type of loan is if they have an investment strategy that does not want to sell the stock. Selling any stock is a big decision. If you are looking to sell now, you will not be able to take advantage of the increases in valuation over the next few years. Because of this, it could make sense to hold the stock until the value hits the level that you expect it to.

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Madison Street Capital Service Offerings and Stellar Reputation

Madison Street Capital is a highly dedicated investment banking group with an international outlook. According to the official Madison Street Capital website, the company is committed to providing the highest level of service in areas such as business valuation, corporate advisory, asset management, financial opinions, wealth preservation and corporate advisory services. The company is also active in private equity and debt financing investment. The expansive corporate advisory services offered MSC includes private placement, capital restructuring, buy-out advisory, mergers and acquisition, bankruptcy services and corporate governance.

In line with its growth strategy, the company operates in several continents, including North America, Africa and Asia. Over the years, Madison Street Capital’s reputation as a firm best placed to create opportunities in multiple industries has been strengthened due to its expertise and solutions that guarantee quick turnaround. The solutions are tailored to suite sectors such as technology, healthcare, real estate development, retail and transportation among other sectors. The staffs have the experience, knowledge and network to match the needs of buyers and sellers with appropriate capitalization and financing solutions.

Mergers and Acquisitions is one of the core areas served by the company, thanks to a comprehensive M&A package that includes M&A assistance, advisory and valuation services. In 2016, Madison Street Capital released a report providing the global market outlook for hedge fund and Mergers and acquisition. According to Hedgeweek, a total of 42 hedge fund deals were either completed or announced in 2015. This figure represented a 24% increase over the number of deals recorded in 2014. The report also showed a steep growth in hedge fund industry assets in spite of dismal performances in hedge fund strategies over the review period.

Madison Steer Capital is also taking its corporate and customer service responsibilities very seriously. The CSR services undertaken by the company are focused on providing education, shelter, financial assistance, healthcare and childcare. According to a release, the company was deeply involved in assisting states in the Midwest, Gulf Coast and East Coast devastated by various disasters from hurricanes and flooding through the United Ways Disaster Fund. The contributions went a long way to support long term recovery and assist affected families rebuild their lives.

MSC has a workforce of between 50 to 200 employees, its LinkedIn page reveals. At the helm of the company’s executive leadership is its CEO, Charles Botchway and Senior Managing Director, Karl D’Cunha. The privately held investment banking group is headquartered in Chicago at 105 West Madison Street Suite-1200. The company will continue to serve the middle market with its wide ranging investment banking solutions because of its stellar reputation as a trusted partner. To get in touch, call 1-312-529-700 or visit the company website at for more information.

The Success of Madison Street Capital

For one of the best services that is provided to clients that are looking to make profitable investments for the future that lead to an economic stability, Madison Street Capital is an investment firm that provides exactly what is needed with the excellent customer service and the attention to detail that is world renowned with Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital is an international investment firm that provides some of the best financial services that especially target the smaller and medium businesses. The goal of Madison Street Capital is to regain the trust of the consumers after the devastation of the 2008 financial crisis that was a result of the credit building up in addition to overall corruption. Madison Street Capital is truly an investment firm for the people and looks to constantly improve with the feedback that is provided. Madison Street Capital not only has clients with the investment firm, but also treats each client like a partner. Learn more:

As a lead hedge fund in the international financial market, Madison Street Capital has reported that a total of 42 financial hedge funds were closed in 2015 and that the year before consisted of 32 total transactions that were made. This momentum that is gaining is making an interesting year for 2016. In conclusion, Madison Street Capital states that despite the mediocre performance of many hedge funds, the total transactions that are made between the clients and the firms are continuously increasing and have been increasing exponentially over the past several years.

While focusing on global markets, Madison Street Capital offers financial expertise to individuals as well as businesses that are within the public and private sector. With branches all over the world, Madison Street Capital is currently accessible in Africa, North America, and even in Asia. Madison Street Capital wants to continue to expand and to provide the best possible services to each client without breaking the bank for the services as well as for the results.

Overall, Madison Street Capital is an international investment firm that is dedicated to excellence, leadership, as well as integrity which pushes the world farther and farther into the future. The services that this investment firm provide are of the best quality and make sure that the clients get the highest rate of return with the lowest risk involved in the process. With the knowledge and expertise that are associated with Madison Street Capital, this investment firm will not only continue to grow, but will also continue to lead other companies and public sectors into the future.

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Financial Management and Capital Restructuring Made Easy With Madison Street Capital

Asset management and capital restructuring can be a necessary step for achieving greater success for many companies and organizations. This can give a company a new look and approach geared towards gaining success. Restructuring capital reviews on the way a company manages its assets and reforms it for optimal profits. Madison Street Capital currently provides some of the best quality services in capital restructuring for businesses and individuals around the globe. The recently released a video on Youtube explaining what services they provide.

The strategies for capital restructuring at Madison Capital help businesses lower their overall expenses, while increasing their efficiency of operations and total potential for success. In the current world of business, things are quick to change within the market. This means capital restructuring is needed continually as the market continues to evolve. These restructuring services provided at Madison Capital help firms succeed over time by allowing them to better handle competitive challengers, meet shareholder needs, improve choices related to management and help maintain balance.

Based on reports from Bloomberg, the financial services around management and restructuring are all the rage within the business market. Madison Capitals services have helped many industries across the globe rise above the current market and find great success. They also help other companies grow but slashing their overall costs and increasing their total annual profits. Most companies that have used Madison Street Capitals have successfully recorded increased capital and lower debt based on the changes to financial management. These changes give companies, especially those that are struggling, a change to overcome the competitive market and become a top performing business in the industry.

As a pioneer in investment banking, Madison Street capital has been able to achieve great success, especially within the middle markets, where the hold the majority of their expertise. The firm specializes in supplying solutions for investment banking, such as mergers and acquisitions, to the market. Madison Capital also places great focus on customer satisfaction and service.

The Success of Madison Street Capital