What we can learn About Sam Tabar From his Social Media Pages

Sam Tabar is a notable figure in New York City, especially in the business and legal industries. Made at Oxford and Columbia law school, he went on to practice law for six years from 2001 to 2007 after which he went for a new challenge in the business field.

Since then, Sam has held executive positions with notable companies like PMA Investment Advisers, Merrill Lynch, and Fullcycle Fund.

Sam’s Facebook

According to Angel.co, Sam Tabar is very active in social media, especially on Facebook and Instagram. From the kind of posts he makes on Facebook, we can be able to deduce some of his traits outside of business. To begin with, Sam is bold and do not fear to criticize the establishment. In one of his posts, he castigated Facebook for banning an artist from the social site due to some artistic pictures she posted on her wall. Learn more about Sam Tabar: https://twitter.com/samirtabar?lang=en

Facebook had taken the pictures to be pornographic in nature, but Sam told them off arguing that art and porn are two very distinct fields. In a different post, Sam updated about the Ghost in the Shell movie, a movie he had watched with his brother. From that, we learn that he is a movie fanatic and a social person.

Sam’s Instagram

Sam posts video clips on his Instagram account. In one of his recent videos, he posted about his experience at CES tradeshow. The show happens annually in Las Vegas and involves public displays of new electronics and technology.

From it, Sam reveals to us that he is a tech enthusiast. In another video clip, he is seen playing guitar, which suggests that he could have a soft spot for music instruments. He, however, wrote of how challenging it was to play the guitar.

Sam’s Twitter

Sam Tabar has been on Twitter for the last three years, although he is not as active at it as he is on Facebook and Instagram. For the few posts he has made in the three years, most of them are pictures carrying motivational messages.

One of the pictures, however, stands out from the rest due to the weight of its message: a quote from Leonardo Nimoy that encourages people to be philanthropic.