Equities First Provides Valuable Financing Option

While the overall stock markets across the globe have done pretty well over the past few years and have recovered from the prior recession, the credit markets are still pretty tough for people that are looking to get personal loans. This is particularly true for people that are looking to get an unsecured loan for personal reasons. While getting a personal loan without collateral can be hard, those that are in need of debt could still get a loan from a firm such as Equities First if they have a stock portfolio.

Equities First is a leading provider of stock secured financial loans to consumers and businesses. The company has been providing these types of loans for over 10 years and has quickly become a leader in the industry due to their low costs, efficiency, and strong reputation with clients. To get a loan from Equities First, all you have to do is provide the company with a lien on your stock portfolio, which will act as collateral in the event you are not able to repay the loan.

Geting a loan through Equities First can be beneficial for a few different reasons. Many people like these types of loans for tax and estate planning purposes. If you have stock that you could sell to raise liquidity, but do not want to pay the taxes at this time, it could be wise to wait and take out a loan instead. This will help you to liquidate the stock without actually selling it. The amount of money saved in taxes will easily outweigh any expenses that come from the loan with Equities First.

Another time when people will choose this type of loan is if they have an investment strategy that does not want to sell the stock. Selling any stock is a big decision. If you are looking to sell now, you will not be able to take advantage of the increases in valuation over the next few years. Because of this, it could make sense to hold the stock until the value hits the level that you expect it to.

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