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IAP Worldwide Services caters to the needs of 25,000 people in approximately 25 countries. They rescue groups at dire moments such as natural disasters that occur in cities, overseas and in the battle arena. Logistical and technical challenges are planned, coordinated and carried out by the company. For instance, their military installations consist of the transfer of people, technologies and program management. The incentive solutions and positive customer feedback reflects the authenticity of the company

IAP worldwide services operates on several principles. All their employees express their commitment to customers, employees and community. IAP Worldwide Services cooperate with each other to propose innovative solutions.

Job Seeking

Those who are interested in a career from IAP Worldwide can choose from the following areas
– General Management
– Logistics
– Construction and Engineering
– Operations
– Program Management
– Accounting/Finance

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Recent Activity

Development of Afghanistan’s Air Traffic Control System

IAP Worldwide Services is collaborating with the U.S Air Force and contractors of the Air Force Contract Augmentation Program in order to create Afghanistan’s Air Traffic Control System. The program consists of non-radar, positive control and radio based instruments. These resources will be used to command flight and visual flight rule services.

In the meanwhile, the contractors of AFCAP are currently working on developing new airways, delivering and maintaining communications equipment and providing rule with services for flight checks.


Two companies acquired by IAP include the following:

1. The Aviation and Logistic business of DRS Technologies, located in Oklahoma. The company provides similar services that include engineering, information technology and communication support.

2. Tactical Communications and Network Solutions that’s located in the Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. Their main specialty resides in engineering, information technology and communications.

Mission Statement

IAP worldwide maintains the same values regardless of where they operate. Instead of meeting the bare minimum, they exceed customers expectations without any hesitation. As a result, their critical problem solving skills and capabilities can’t be matched from most competitors in the same industry.

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