Desiree Perez & Roc Nation

With the breakthrough $150 million deal between Jay Z and Live Nation about to end, many are speculating on the rap mogul’s next big move. After an epic 10 years with Live Nation, Jay Z is taking this opportunity to feel out other key players in the music industry about a possible stake in Jay Z’s music business Roc Nation. More to read on

Live Nation is interested in continuing its profitable touring deal with Jay Z, but has decided to end it recorded music business and not to extend their relationships with many of artists’ they had brought on board including artists like Shakira and Rihanna. Among those working on a possible sale for Roc Nation are Jay Z himself as well as his longtime business partner Desiree Perez.

Desiree Perez has enjoyed almost twenty years as a close business associate of Jay Z. She has a proven track record in the music industry and has been a fierce negotiator in many business deals for Jay Z as well as other artists like Rihanna and her lucrative Samsung deal. to read more updates from Dez, visit

Also known as Des Perez, she is a vital part of the collective called Hoya Circle of Influence that runs Roc Nation along with Ty Ty Smith, Jana Fleischman, Jay Brown, and Chaka Pilgrim. Perez plays a large part in Roc Nation’s management, publishing, and labeling operations.

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Jaz Z and Desiree Perez recently met with the chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group adding to speculation about a possible sale in Roc Nation. Considering that UMG already has a distribution deal with Roc Nation, a new deal would give them a much larger investment of all the Roc Nation artists.  Check for additional reading.

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