The Carters Still Have Love for OG Juan Perez

While many listeners and fans are dissecting the lyrics looking for relationship clues to Jay Z and Beyonce’s latest album, Everything is Love, some fans are keen to notice another partnership highlighted on the album. Since the early 90’s, Jay Z has been a part of another longtime relationship, but it is one that has been kept somewhat out of the spotlight and could have gone unnoticed by many although the clues have been there before. On Everything is Love, both Jay Z and Beyonce pay homage to some of their closest friends, including solid couple and friends Juan OG Perez and wife Desiree Perez.

Jay Z met OG Perez in 1996 and by 2003 he, along with his wife Desiree, were already getting shoutouts on Jay Z’s albums. First on Jay Z’s Black Album he raps, “OG Juan, Whattup…Whassup Dez” signaling the close relationship that they share. OG Juan would be mentioned yet again on The Blueprint 3 in 2009, with the lyrics referencing Jay Z and OG’s tight bond over sports. “Catch me at the X with OG at a Yankee game” goes much deeper than talking about casually meeting up for a baseball game. For Jay Z and OG Perez, their relationship was formed over their love of sports which eventually led to the creation of popular nightclub 40/40, a hotspot for athletes, as well as Roc Nation Sports, a groundbreaking sports agency which signs the most desirable athletes. While Everything is Love focuses on the iconic marriage of The Carters, it also credits those who stuck by them along the way, with the Perez’s maintaining their signature quiet strength.

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Brian Torchin Connects Healthcare Professionals with Jobs

As the President and owner of the Health Care Recruitment Counselors center, Brian Torchin has been working to connect health care professionals with jobs in hospitals across the United States, since 2005.

He graduated from the University of Delaware, with a Bachelor’s degree in exercise science. From there he spent the next years gaining a background in sports medicine and physical therapy. Since, he has gone on to developing a practice as a chiropractor, with an emphasis on overall health.

Brian Torchin still practices chiropractic medicine in addition to his duties with the HCRC. His experience working in the field is what prompted him to create the company.

He understood the difficulties that people faced while looking for work in the health care industry and began his work with the company, in order to serve as an intermediary between workers and hospitals.

The goal of this service is to navigate and organize job board postings, as well as discover other employment opportunities that would otherwise be poorly advertised. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

Torchin can be found on social media discussing topics relevant to the healthcare industry, as well as to the practice of medicine. In addition, he maintains a blog for his company on a regular basis, with a wide range of news and information about topics ranging from nutrition and health to company updates and success stories.

Though he keeps himself busy with his practice and his company, Torchin is regularly makes himself available to answer questions and offer insight to people who need assistance. His extensive background in medicine his knowledge of business, allows Torchin and the HCRC to offer career counseling, and unique insight to overall health to people all over the U.S.