Rocketship Education Is Fueled For Success

Charter schools have been formed to provide an alternative to public school education. There is a charter school network of K-5 charter schools known as Rocketship Education, non-profit charter schools. Many charter schools were opened to serve an unmet need in public schools. Rocketship’s purpose is to solve the problems of the gap in achievement.

Rocketship Education grew out of the dreams of Father Mateo Sheedy, Pastor of Sacred Heart Parsh in San Joes. Father Sheedy was known for a commitment to his community, youth, human rights and to education.

Father Mateo’s goal was to establish a plan to offer quality education to children of his parish. His goal was to provide the opportunity for the children to fulfill their dreams and attend college, He went so far as to create a scholarship program so that children could attend their hometown college, Santa Clara University.

Father Mateo passed away before his ideas fully took shape. However, his efforts inspired others to develop a model for the education of low-income children.

Rocketship Education created a successful model to education low-come challenge through its charter schools network. The first school was Rocketship Mateo Sheedy Elementary School which ranked better than 55.2% of elementary schools in California and 5th among 9 ranked elementary schools in the Santa Clara County Office Of Education School District.

How was it possible for this school to be this successful? The key words are diverse styles and approaches to education. Rocketship schools have a particular philosophy and ideals such as belief in the community, belief in tenacity, belief in innovation, and to pursue excellence. Rocketship Education rethinks the concept of an Elementary School.

There are seventeen Rocketship schools, thirteen schools in the Bay Area, two in Nashville, one in Milwaukee and one in Washington DC. More schools are planned based upon the interests of parents.

Teachers are trained to employ educational practices such as individualized coaching which is customized for each student. There is a leadership program for educators and principals, who are provided on the job training. Rocketship Education leaves no one behind, both teachers and students.