The Effects the NFL Draft has on Fantasy Sports Leagues

The NFL Draft is a once a year event where NFL teams have an opportunity to select new players that have been in college who are draft eligible. Draft eligibility states that a player who is hoping to be drafted into the NFL must be three years removed from high school in order to become eligible. This rule is different from other sports leagues like the NBA where players must only be one year removed from high school. With the NFL’s rule it allows players to develop more in college and gives them a chance to be physically ready to come in and compete early on in their careers. The position that a particular player plays has a lot to do with how much playing time they will see early on as rookies. It used to be that quarterbacks needed two to three years to sit and learn to be ready enough to get a starting role. It has been a growing trend to see quarterbacks thrown into the fire as starter sooner rather than later and are expected to come in and contribute in their first year. Having this in mind it would not be a surprise to see a team like the Bears who traded up to draft Mitchel Trubisky in this years draft start him at some point in the up coming season. The Kansas City Chiefs also traded up in this years draft to select Patrick Mahomes in the first round of the draft but likely don’t plan on starting him anytime soon but would rather him sit and learn behind veteran QB Alex Smith. Fantasy football players will need to keep this in mind when considering drafting rookie quarterbacks to their team. With the recent success of Ezekiel Elliot who came into the NFL and led the league in rushing as a rookie, it would be no surprise to see fantasy football owners go after a running back like Leonard Fournette who was selected in the same slot at fourth overall as Elliot was in the previous years draft. MLB Lineup drafts tend to be different because players aren’t drafted to come in and play at the Major League level like players who are coming out of college and into the NFL. Players selected in the NFL draft are expected to come in and play sooner rather than later.