Omar Yunes Takes Top Prize At BFW

Omar Yunes has successfully advanced his status in the busniess world by gaining the title Best Franchisee in The World. He won this award in 2015 at the annual Best Franchisee of the World competition. The 2015 event took place in Florence, Italy and included business leaders from places all over the world like France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy. Both Omar Yunes and Ivan Tamer were representatives from Mexico that were sent to compete on an international level. In order to prepare, the men competed in Mexico’s own regional version of the competition. Standing out from the rest of Mexico’s franchisees, they sent these two men to try and gain recognition.

A franhchisee is someone who buys and takes ownership of a franchise. The qualities that make up a good Franchisee depend on a few different factors. Judges want to see leaders who take responsibility of their franchise. They look for a Franchisee who can succesfully implement new programs, save money, and gain control of the network. Diego Elizarrarras, one of the judges of the event commented on why he believes Omar Yunes was one of the best. Elizarrarras said that Omar Yunes had a huge impact on Sushi Itto because of the way he transformed his relationship with his franchise. He didn’t take on the traditional role normally seen from a Franchisee but decided to create his own unique style of leadership. This relationship in turn improved customer service relations for Sushi Itto. This is ultimately what won Omar Yunes his first place title.

In addition to Yunes taking home first place, another Mexican native Ivan Tamer was recognized at the Best Franchisee of The World competition. Tamer is best known for his role as Franchisee for Prendamex. Prendamex is a network of Pawnshops located in Mexico. The franchise and Franchisee were recognized for the new marketing system put in place by Ivan Tamer himself. Both him and Omar Yunes are allowing Mexico to receive recognition for their business skills on an international level.

Get a Look at Honey Birdette’s Latest Photoshoot

Honey Birdette has exploded onto the United States online market, and it is not hard to see why this Australian-based company is so well received. In a recent photo shoot published by Man of Many, the lingerie offered by Honey Birdette is simultaneously a timeless, classic, luxurious, and extremely sexy. With a focus on lace. and bold, traditional colors like black, red, white, and ivory, Honey Birditte offers a variety of styles of lingerie offerings and stockings designed to make a woman feel sexy.

The shoot also showcases jaw-dropping teddies, alluring garter belts, and fascinating bondage gear. The video from the photoshoot is also available on the companies US website and is focusing on the New York line of lingerie.

Honey Birdette opened in 2006 as Australia’s first sensuality boutique, and offers a wide array of adult novelties, high end-toys, BDSM gear, lingerie, lubricants, and of course sexy lingerie for both men and women. While the pieces are definitely provocative, they are also of very high quality and empower the wearer to feel sensual and beautiful.

The US store is currently available online on-line, but those lucky enough to go to a retail location in either the United Kingdom or Australia receive a posh experience in a store surrounded with sensual offerings, lush décor, and champagne for sipping. Bespoke accessories are available, massage candles, and a wide array of items suited to a variety of tastes.

The “Honeys”, or the lovely ladies working inside a Honey Birdette retail location, are playful and pleasing to the eye. They will happily show guests around the store and work to empower and entertain women. Founder and Creative Director Eloise Monaghan can be proud that everything sold inside a Honey Birdette store is designed in-house and relays a unique, sensual experience.

Find more Honey’s on Instagram and YouTube.