Kim Dao Meets a Sincere Psychic

Kim Dao was staying in Seoul Korea. She stayed at Hotel Cappuccino for awhile before moving to a bed and breakfast. Kim Dao stopped off at the post office before meeting her friend, Elizabeth, for lunch. They had clear soup with noodles, some pot stickers, and pork with tater tots on the side. Learn more:


Kim Dao and her friend, Elizabeth, went to the stationery store to get some pen and paper to take notes at the beauty makeover. Kim Dao and friend went to Skin Food to meet a skincare psychic. A ¬†skincare psychic can look at your skin once and know what your skin type is and how to improve its condition. The psychic can tell if you shower in the morning, afternoon, or evening. He knows what kind of diet you’re on and how to fix your posture. When Kim Dao and Elizabeth arrived at Skin Food, they had to wait a half an hour because there were a couple of girls who were ahead of them. The skincare psychic took his time and had 30 to 40 minutes with Dao and friend. Kim Dao told him that her skin broke out when she was near the end of her European visit. He told her that she was not used to European water. Dao learned not to use her brows but to open her eyes more, otherwise it’ll cause premature wrinkles. Dao has combination skin in her T zone, and forehead heat. She should use moisturizer on her cheeks.