Getting Doxxed: a Nightmare You Need Not Experience

A man who recently was “doxxed”, which means much of his personally identifiable information, such as his phone number and home address, was published on the Internet by some low-life malicious online troll. He did not reveal much of what happened after that, except to say the harassment suddenly came to his phone and door in real life! He did mention a real and very effective remedy: hiring Status Labs to help him do a major recovery of his privacy with ‘digital hygiene’.


He mentioned that he sat down with the founder and president of Status Labs, Darius M. Fisher, and received a fascinating education in all the ways to manage a crisis such as he was having, and the many tools available to fix damaged online reputations. Afterwards, the man mentioned that he felt like he had just met the male equivalent of Olivia Pope, the high-powered crisis manager to the mayor in the TV series “Scandal”.


Fisher runs Status Labs a bit like an Internet arena version of Olivia Pope & Associates. However, if a hacker, troll, punk does cause you grief, the company is open with the basic checklist of 5 steps they perform to start the process of reputation recovery:


  1. Get rid of any personal data online.
  2. Restrict your personal data settings on social media.
  3. Force yourself to change passwords regularly.
  4. Search for yourself on Google.
  5. How to handle a privacy problem.


Step number 5 will occur for most people at some time in their lives. Fisher’s number 1 rule to deal with a personal privacy breach is: “Do Not Panic!” Freaking out is exactly the response the trolls are waiting for. Do not let them have it, as it only excites them and encourages further attacks. He then follows a plan that is very much basic forensics, to undo some of the damage and overlay searchable content that supplants the rest of the damage, in the long run.

More information for Status Labs:


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