Igor Cornelsen Explains Why Brazil & BRICS Are Future

The world needs leadership of Igor Cornelsen to facilitate international trade. Brazil and the BRICS offer an alternative to the Anglo-American power bloc. Learn why Banking Expert Igor Cornelsen thinks Brazil is a great investment opportunity as it rises in prestige.

“Lula Created Equilibrium”

Before Lula became president of Brazil, the nation had tremendous economic booms and busts. High inflation and high unemployment tended to erode confidence in its economic development. With lower inflation, the business leaders, consumers and government bureaucrats can engage in more effective long-term planning. Visit the site: https://angel.co/igorcornelsen1

Lula had also encouraged Caixa Economica Federal to build more low-income homes. Caixa handles 70% of Brazil’s mortgages. This has created a more satisfied workforce, which can build up home equity and wealth.

“Growing Middle Class”

In 2014, Brazil had a solid per capita GDP of $12,100. An estimated 51.6% of the population has access to the World Wide Web. The middle class is slowly growing according to Igor Cornelsen.

Back in 2003, Goldman Sachs predicted that Brazil could become the fifth largest economy by 2050 based on its GDP, large population and growth rate.

Another important linkage is between Brazil and China. China has become the world’s economic industrial manufacturing warehouse. Brazil’s #1 partner for imports and exports is China. As China grows, Brazil grows.

Brazil can offer important foodstuffs and raw materials, while China can sell more of its manufactured goods. For the 2016 Olympics, Chinese construction firms were helping Brazil improve its infrastructure. Brazil’s high growth and partnership with China may represent the future of world economic leadership.
 Source: http://igorcornelsen.tripod.com/

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