James Dondero: An Entrepreneur with a Big Heart

James Dondero, entrepreneur and philanthropist, has spent sleepless nights to see organizations in Dallas be successful in their endeavors. The Co-Founder of Highland Capital Management is working towards making an impact in the Dallas community through delivering strategic improvements in the area. It supports The Dallas Zoo, The Family Place, The Perot Museum of nature and Science and more. According to James Dondero, his organization looks to invest in organizations that are driving positive change in the Dallas community. He believes in unity and united, he believes that they will make a great impact in the area.

He has contributed a lot to Dallas Zoo financially and the most recent contribution is the donation of a lump sum to Dallas Zoo’s newest exhibit. He contributed $1 million dollars to bring the zoo to a status families can go and watch hippos and their amusing antics. James Dondero loves Dallas dearly and he is dedicated to do everything in his efforts to help others and improve the Dallas area. He loves the residents and the Dallas neighborhood and whenever there is a need for a financial puch, he is always ready to offer his support. Apart from the unwavering support to Dallas zoo, James Dondero’s firm, Highland Capital Management, also offers financial support to Education is Freedom charity as well as the Perot Museum of Natural Science.

His financial credit company also donated a large sum of money to the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. James Dondero partnered with Linda Owen, Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation former CEO, to renovate the northern part of Texas. the efforts have so far yielded fruits, thanks to Linda and James Dondero’s unwavering commitment to the course. The Family Place is one of the biggest home to victims of family violence in Texas. James Dondero donated $1 million grant to The Family Place to enable it extend its services to more victims.