Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Challenges Amazon for Clothing Sales

If you were to realize how many clothing companies are all competing for the same customers, then you would understand how impressive that it is that Amazon is making 20 percent of all those sales. With thousands of companies all wanting a share of that revenue, it can be hard to close that gap to Amazon when they command that big of a chunk of the pie. Out of nowhere we have a clothing company that is challenging Amazon for those clothing sales, and Kate Hudson’s Fabletics does not appear to be losing any steam in the process. They have sold over $250 million in three years of women’s active-wear and workout clothing.


To get a better understanding why this particular athleisure brand has become so successful, listen to Hudson talk about the two key fundamentals of the brand, reverse showrooming and membership perks. Hudson knows the fashion e-commerce market is extremely competitive, but somehow these two processes are working for her brand. Just take a look inside the local Fabletics store in any mall. Women are getting their memberships, taking the lifestyle quiz, window-shopping, or trying on all the workout apparel that they can. Sales associates do not pressure these shoppers to make a purchase, and many leave the store without buying anything.


The piece of the puzzle that ties everything together is when customers visit the online store. The Fabletics e-commerce store is connect to the retail store, so when you try something on in the store at the mall, it gets uploaded to your account online. This makes it a breeze to just pick up shopping when you have time later in the day or week. Now since the issue of correct sizing has been eliminated because you already wore the clothing, all you have to do is shop the racks for whatever impulse buys grab your attention.


The membership perks at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics are numerous, including free shipping for all future orders, discounts on all the yoga pants, leggings, and tank tops, and even your very own personal shopping assistant. Your personal shopper reviews your quiz answers and will pick a piece of active-wear they think you will love, then they drop it in your cart the first of the month for your consideration. This is a formula working for Kate Hudson’s Fabletics and giving them the power to challenge Amazon for those women’s clothing sales.