Nationwide Title Clearing – Helping Consumers Keep Track Of Their Property Records

Title defects in property records can create major problems for the seller and the buyer. Due to stringent requirements of adhering to real estate law, thousands of individuals every year face difficulties when selling their property. Unknown to most average American, title defects in the property record can create a lot of legal hazards that can generate long-term legal and financial burdens.


To help consumers clear title defects on property papers, one of the premier real estate record and processing providers, Nationwide Title Clearing Inc., is revamping its website to make things easier for consumers. Instead of contacting multiple source to clear title defects, anyone can easily pay a few dollars to retrieve records of the property title.


In fact, Nationwide Title Clearing has gone an extra step by offering numerous value-added services on its website. These services include reports that can help in understanding title defects. For instance, the assignment verification report services provide complete information about the mortgage, current owner, and numerous other important subjects. In addition, consumers can also order reports such as Current Owner Report, Tax Status Report, And Tax Status Plus Report, among others.


According to NTC CEO John Hillman, accessing property records is important for consumers. It is necessary even if you are not engaged in buying and selling of the property. For instance, you cannot sell your property even when there are simple issues with wordings in the record that does not comply with local real estate laws.


Similarly, many records do not hold appropriate signature of the party such as spouse. As house owners own their properties for many years, it is common for them to neglect the consistently changing residential laws. When selling properties, such minor things as signature can cause serious legal problems. Likewise, if previous liens are not removed, it can also prove troublesome for future transactions. Matters can also get out of hands if a person fails to follow recording or filing procedures when submitting real estate documents.


Nationwide Title Clearing is one of the fastest growing private companies in America, which is featured in Inc. magazine list. In 2013, it also won the Hire Power award for putting Americans back to work. The list of clients include 8 out of 10 top mortgage lenders in the country.


According to officials, NTC is known for providing error-free reports, which is also the primary reason for trusting its records. Accordingly, NTC prides itself in the service as it recognizes the financial impact on consumers who ask for such reports. Therefore, the company takes meaningful steps to expedite the procedure by understanding the impact when a customer orders too many fields or requests documents that may not help the cause.

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