Nationwide’s Commitment Pays Off

Nationwide Title Clearing is known for their commitment. They are committed to their clients and to their success but they are also, more importantly, committed to the employees that they have. This is something that has truly paid off for the company because they have now won a second award for being the best employer in Palm Harbor. The employees of the company thought that they deserved that because of the great things that they do for the employees. They want the company to be recognized for everything that they do and for what they have to offer all of the employees.


When someone begins working at Nationwide, they are automatically able to start working toward the bonuses and rewards that the company hands out to people who are deserving of it. They want to make sure that people know that they are doing a great job and this means that they are able to promote the business that they have. They have worked hard to show people that they mean to make people happy when it comes to the way that they work. Offering rewards makes employees happier with the way that the company works for them.


This is a big deal and something that most companies do not offer to their employees. Even large companies do not give that because they think that it will cost too much. While it does eat into a small part of the profits that Nationwide Title Clearing has, it is worth it for them because they know that it will allow the employees the chance to truly revitalize themselves so that they can do better work when they come back. Learn more:


There are many ways that Nationwide Title Clearing helps employees but they are also very helpful to their clients. People who use Nationwide Title Clearing are looking for homes. They come to the company so that they can find exactly what they are looking for. Nationwide Title Clearing makes sure that they can find what they are looking for and they can see the documents that they need when it comes to the different parts of the home they are hoping to buy.

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Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa gives You Simple Tips to Improve Your Photography with Smartphones

You can always take good pictures. You can use your smartphone to take excellent photos. However, you require skills and good knowledge to capture the memorable moments of your life using your smartphone. For you to create a good scene on YouTube, you need a good eye. If you understand photography in depth, then good lighting is part of your knowledge. Moreover, there are some useful tricks to make it better. For you to take fantastic photos, you need the tips below.

1. Use the composition principles
When you try to make a better scene, you will have natural things. However, a better scene provides a better picture. For instance, placing a middle-scene horizon creates a stable ground for the photo. For this reason, the viewer on will not know whether it’s the ground or the sky. Learn the basics of composition to increase image quality. For every picture you take, try to apply the composition rules. The structure is also improved by timing. A simple turn can make a masterpiece if you have poor balance.

2. Take an extra second
When cameras first appeared I smartphones, they offered seamless integration with quick pictures according to Figueroa. Make a good decision without the need to take a picture. There are no excuses for poor quality images when smartphone cameras can take clear and crisp images. Therefore, take extra time to compose the image. Before taking an image, decide on what to be included in the background. An extra time can save a stitch.

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3. Get rid of the flashlight
While we prefer this feature, it has numerous disadvantages. Smartphones can be abrupt. They create strange highlights and shadows. The flashlight can affect the color of an image says Figueroa. For this reason, the flashlight can ruin the image if not used correctly. You can put it off unless it’s the only way to take a photo. Use natural light as the best source of energy. It is better than the flash. Your image will appear illuminated.

4. Use several camera applications
You will never be disappointed with other better camera application software. There are more options with the third-party applications. Try using applications like Camera ZOOM FX, Camera 360, Manual, ProCamera, Camera+, and many others for increased quality. If you are required to pay for some of these applications, do not hesitate.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is an executive from Venezuela. He is based in Panama where he runs various businesses. He is well-known for founding and managing bug businesses from startup. While in Panama, he holds seminars with young business entrepreneurs. He is good at forecasting the economy.

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Securus Technologies, Inc. to Acquire Jpay, Inc.

Securus Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of captive communication, government information management solution, and parolee tracking. The company serves over 2,600 correctional facilities across North America including Canada, Columbia District, and Mexico. In the country, the company serves more than one million inmates. It is recognized for providing innovative technological solutions, comprehensive and responsive customer service. Their primary focus is to specialize in law enforcement communities and correctional needs. Its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. They also have regional offices in Dallas metropolitan area and Atlanta, Georgia.


Based in Miramar, Jpay, is one of the leading providers of email, inmate payments, and tablet products to more than 33 correctional facilities across the United States. They serve over 1.6 million prisoners in the country. They use these technologies to enhance the capability to curb crime and reduce fraudulent activities. They also reduce recidivism and waste. Jpay, a fully-automated and licensed payment transmitter, was founded as an electronic payment company in 2002. The firm has grown to include a digital platform combining kiosks, tablets, and inmate cloud. The digital platform provides inmate access to music, email, games, books, education, and shopping.


Securus Technologies has announced its acquisition plans to purchase Jpay, Inc. they have signed a Purchase Stock Agreement with the company. Jpay is the leading technology companies in the market that introduced email, host entertainment, and electronic payment system. They also provide education-related apps to inmates. This transaction will propel Securus Technologies into one of the fastest growing correctional companies in the United States through inmate tablets, email, and electronic payments. Securus Technologies CEO, Rick Smith, said that the corporation has an accrued capability to offer any tech-related services to the correctional market through Jpay acquisition. Jpay is an innovative force for good. The company admires its technology to make a better correctional space. For many years, Securus has watched the company.



Nationwide Title Clearing Works to Help

Nationwide Title Clearing has been voted again as one of the best places to work in Palm Harbor, Florida. This is thanks to the employees who know that they are getting the best business possible and that they are getting the most out of what the company has to offer them with their service.

There are many businesses that don’t necessarily follow the procedures that Nationwide Title Clearing does. The company is one of the only ones that not only gives their employees time for vacation but they also take their employees on vacation so that they will be able to truly enjoy themselves without having to worry about work. This is not something that many companies do for their employees, no matter what business they are in. It truly sets Nationwide Title Clearing apart from any other company that is a part of the way that things work. Learn more:

It is not uncommon for businesses to give yearly bonuses or raises to employees. This is actually something that most people expect when they work for a business, but Nationwide Title Clearing services allow their employees huge yearly bonuses that are able to pay off for their different needs. This allows them the chance to make sure that they are doing different things and that they are able to make the money that they want. The yearly raise and bonus amounts are much higher than what other companies who are in the Palm Harbor area offer to their employees.

Nationwide Title Clearing feels like it is imperative to have employees who are doing the right thing for the business. They want to make sure that their employees know what they are doing and that they can learn as much as possible. For that reason, they offer continued education so that employees will be able to learn as much as possible about document processing. This allows them the chance to make sure that they are doing things right and that they are getting the most out of the business that they have chosen to be a part of with the way that things work for them.

It is very clear that Nationwide Title Clearing is appreciative of the employees that they have. They value their employees and this has led to a much lower turnover rate for the company. They know how to treat their employees with respect and dignity and they know that it is important to be able to do different things with the employees. Taking all of these things into account has led to Nationwide Title Clearing winning many awards from the employees who think that the company has done the best. The employees are happy with what Nationwide Title Clearing has done.

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Andy Wirth’s Dream to Connect Squaw Valley with Alpine Meadows Becomes a Reality

Andy Wirth has always championed for the development of Squaw Valley through tourism. That is why he was quick to propose a construction of a gondola between Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows to connect the two mountains and enable tourists to have seamless entertainment in the area. His efforts bore fruits when the two valleys announced the construction of the gondola last year.

The gondola will operate in three parts. One will begin from the base of Squaw Valley and run to the top. The other will run between the rides of the two mountains. The third will run down from Alpine Meadows to Squaw Valley. The construction of the gondola is a gift to skiers from Tahoe and abroad who were dreaming of a connection between the two mountains for decades. The announcement came after a long period of discussions and consultations between the CEOs and stakeholders of Ski Holdings Limited and Alpine Meadows. The new development will see an increase in the number of tourists visiting the place in future.

About Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth is the founder and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings Limited, a company that manages and maintains various tourist attraction sites in Tahoe. Ski Holdings is behind several developments that have increased the number of tourists in Tahoe. Today, Tahoe is the number one destination for skiers, thanks to the efforts of Andy Wirth and other stakeholders.

Andy With is also a skier who has been in the game since childhood. He was recently involved in a near fatal accident while skiing. However, his bad experience inspired him to do something good in the society. He is one of the pioneer members of the Wounded Warrior Support, an organization that supports the Navy SEAL Foundation. In January, Andy Wirth was elected to the membership of the Board of Directors at Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board as the chairman.

The Cheap but Quality Products and Services of FreedomPop

FreedomPop boasts its Supernova 655 hotspot, which sells for the low price of $199. This 2.95” by 2.95” by 0.52” device is designed to fit comfortably in the average pocket. You will just need to press the red button on the back to turn it on. The front of the device sports five lights which are charging, battery, and signal indicators. This is a hotspot device that holds up to ten devices on its 2.4 GHz band and on Sprint’s 800, 1900, and 2500 MHz bands. The Supernova 655 also has a wide 75-foot range and has five hours and 46 minutes of battery usage.

This is just one of FreedomPop’s many great deals. You can view its vast array of great products and services on its very easy to navigate website. FreedomPop has become famous for its very low plans with even a free 500 MB per month plan. The paid plans are all great deals. The first after the free plan is a 2 GB plan that costs $20 per month. One of its newest and most innovative products is still in the development stage: The FreedomPop Global GSM Sim. It is finalizing the development stage and is just now coming onto the market.

It is so new that it isn’t even available from the website homepage yet. But it is available. Although the price and accompanying perks are often changing somewhat right now, you can get it for around $4.99 with free shipping. Although the deals are frequently changing right now, like all of FreedomPop’s products, the deals are always low. Once in a while there are even .99 cent deals. FreedomPop has deals that are so low that it seems like one of those things that is too good to be true. But hard-core techno critics have been won over.

The most expensive that you will find the GSM Sim card is $15, which these critics judge is still a very good deal for what you get. This will get you 200 MB of GSM cellular data per month with the option of increasing that to 700 MB per month. The GSM Sim may not be on their homepage, but you will be able to find the most current deal for it on FreedomPop’s website. Just provide a valid email address so your account password can be sent to your email address. After that, the rest is easy.

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Securus Technologies Help to Maintain Connections

I feel that Securus Technologies is a wonderful and beneficial service provided for those who know a loved one that is incarcerated. The Video Visitation service is a great way for someone to make memories and share moments with an incarcerated loved one. I feel the service could help individuals incarcerated to still feel connected to a family member or a friend. It is great to instill hope and encouragement for those serving time and dealing with hardships along the way. Life goes by so fast and it is important to still feel connected.


Securus Technologies offers a variety of services. Its services are here to fit an individuals needs and help an individual to stay connected with an incarcerated loved one. Some of the phone services include Advance Connect, Direct Bill, Traditional Collect, and Inmate Debit. Advance Connect allows you to be able to have phone charges directly taken from your prepaid account. Direct Bill allows the calls recieved from an incarcerated individual to be directly billed to you on a monthly basis. The Traditional Collect service allows you to receive calls and have the charges put directly on the local phone bill. As mentioned above Securus Technologies provides Inmate Debit. Inmate Debit is a service that allows those incarcerated to pay for phone calls made on an account. With this service you are able to directly add money to an individual’s account without having to start one yourself.


The Video Services provided by Securus Technologies allows you to be able to make a visit with an incarcerated loved one on a computer at home. Jail Voicemail service allows you to share any important news with a loved one right away without having to wait for the next visit. You leave a voice mail through this service and the incarcerated loved one will be notified of the voice mail promptly. Email service is also available now with Securus Technologies to use to share information. This service allows you to send an email 24/7, attach a greeting card, receive notifications regarding acceptance or rejection of email, and provide a simple and reliable way to communicate with an incarcerated loved on. For more information regarding the beneficial services that Securus Technologies provides please follow this link


In conclusion, Securus Technologies is an amazing service that helps individuals to still maintain a connection with a loved one that is incarcerated.

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Desiree Perez is the Woman to Watch during the Tidal and Samsung Talks

According to Claire Atkinson of New York Post, Samsung has resumed talk with Jay-Z to acquire Tidal from him. The electrons company, which is headquartered in South Korea, collaborated with Jay-Z in the prestigious launch of Magna Carta and Holy Grail in 2013, and it has been holding on-and-off negotiations with Tidal. According to I.B. Bad, Hits industry insider, Samsung wrote a check to Kanye West for its taking part in the highly awaited album, The Life of Pablo.

A reliable source close to talks hinted to Atkinson that Samsung is holding discussions with Tidal and the two companies are planning to launch something big. However, they are doing it secretly to minimize chances of the deal leaking out to the public. In I.B.’s forthcoming article, he hints that insiders believe that Tidal is losing $10 million per year in red ink, and latest private projects by Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Kanye West did not generate new subscribers in numbers enough to sustain the business. Whatever Tidal and Samsung are planning, Jay-Z’s trusted associate, Desiree Perez, will be the key player. Due to her outstanding negotiation abilities, Desire cuts all the deals for Roc Nation, Roc Nation Sports as well as Tidal.

Spotify and Google are other firms that are closely pursuing Tidal. They hope the premium service, although struggling, can boost their digital music services.

Desiree Perez has served as a close associate of Jay-Z for about 20 years. He has an excellent track of record of managing SC Enterprises. Together with her husband, Juan Perez, she specializes in running Roc Nation Sports. Desiree’s street background and exceptional negotiation skills have enabled her to work her way up to the top of the entertainment industry. According to popular magazines, she was instrumental in the negation of Rihanna Samsung deal as well as Beyoncé’s Formation Stadium Tour.

Desiree is part of the well-known Hova Circle of Influence, which comprises of her husband, TyTy Smith Jana Fleischman, Jay Brown, and Chaka Pilgrim. The group specializes in overseeing the operation of not only Roc Nation and its several wings of management but also Tidal. The primary mission of Desiree is to propel Tidal to the greatest heights in the entertainment world.

Support in an Instant


IAP Worldwide Services caters to the needs of 25,000 people in approximately 25 countries. They rescue groups at dire moments such as natural disasters that occur in cities, overseas and in the battle arena. Logistical and technical challenges are planned, coordinated and carried out by the company. For instance, their military installations consist of the transfer of people, technologies and program management. The incentive solutions and positive customer feedback reflects the authenticity of the company

IAP worldwide services operates on several principles. All their employees express their commitment to customers, employees and community. IAP Worldwide Services cooperate with each other to propose innovative solutions.

Job Seeking

Those who are interested in a career from IAP Worldwide can choose from the following areas
– General Management
– Logistics
– Construction and Engineering
– Operations
– Program Management
– Accounting/Finance

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc Jobs, Careers Profile
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Recent Activity

Development of Afghanistan’s Air Traffic Control System

IAP Worldwide Services is collaborating with the U.S Air Force and contractors of the Air Force Contract Augmentation Program in order to create Afghanistan’s Air Traffic Control System. The program consists of non-radar, positive control and radio based instruments. These resources will be used to command flight and visual flight rule services.

In the meanwhile, the contractors of AFCAP are currently working on developing new airways, delivering and maintaining communications equipment and providing rule with services for flight checks.


Two companies acquired by IAP include the following:

1. The Aviation and Logistic business of DRS Technologies, located in Oklahoma. The company provides similar services that include engineering, information technology and communication support.

2. Tactical Communications and Network Solutions that’s located in the Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. Their main specialty resides in engineering, information technology and communications.

Mission Statement

IAP worldwide maintains the same values regardless of where they operate. Instead of meeting the bare minimum, they exceed customers expectations without any hesitation. As a result, their critical problem solving skills and capabilities can’t be matched from most competitors in the same industry.

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Singer Norka Luque and Her Inspiration Story to Stardom.

Norka Martinez Luque is a Venezuelan-born singer, who recently made a debut in the top charts in the United States, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico, with her recent song Milagro. Her passion for music started as a child, where through the help of her parents, she enrolled for music training lessons joining piano, flamenco, voice practice, and ballet classes. Prior to attending this classes, Norka Luque was still active with her academic education. She started her musical career while in France, where she pursued Business Administration, Fashion, Culinary Arts, and Marketing.

While pursuing her studies in France, she got an opportunity to join a band and begun pursuing her childhood dreams of becoming a singer. Through the band’s compositions, an established music producer, Emillio Estefan jr, became interested in her work and took her under his wings to nature her singing career. She views Emilio’s interest in her music projects as a miracle, given the many talented artists, who only dream of such an opportunity.

Emilio Estefan Jr brought together a great team of other producers, the likes of Archie Pena, Hermanos Gaitan, and Luigi Giraldo, who helped to work on the song by the name MILAGRO. The song recently made its debut on the top charts as a favorite on Latin music Billboards. The song has a mix of reggae, Mediterranean, and Caribbean sounds feel. She has stated that her main responsibility as an artist is to pass the positive message through music since it’s the carriage that carries the words to the deepest parts of people’s emotions. She urges her fellow artists to avoid being carried away by rhythms that are born with each generation but to emphasize on the message being carried in the genres.

Her song, MILAGRO, she says, was a message of hope being passed on to people who are experiencing a personal crisis, feeling overwhelmed like she did, and are hoping for a miracle. She says she is a result of the different situations she went through in her life and changed her general view of the world to a more positive one, that enabled her value life more. The positive view brought the realization of her destiny, which is to inspire and show love through music.