Fronting Grassroots Civil Liberties; Asian Americans Advancing Justice and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Civil liberty groups all around the world play an important role of championing human rights and protecting refugees and immigrants. The support offered by these organizations comes in variety of forms, including food, healthcare and legal services.

The Asian Americans Advancing Justice (Advancing Justice- LA) is a leading American legal center based in Los Angeles, CA. The center promotes creation of coalitions; advocates for civil rights and grants legal services and education to Asian Americans, Pacific Islanders and Native Hawaiians.

As of today, Advancing Justice- LA stands out as the largest civil rights and legal organization championing for the rights of Asian people and interrelated communities. Since its establishment in 1980, the group has grown from 1 attorney to a strong team of 80 attorneys, leadership trainers, researchers and support staff. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The core services provided by the legal center include; Direct Services, Leadership Development, Impact Litigation and Policy and Research Services.

The legal and education services offered under Direct Services target people who understand little or no English. In terms of Policy and Research, the center has the capacity to defend civil rights through legislative means and advocacy.

The Impact Litigation services provided include lawsuits and legal actions aimed at making systemic changes in the society, business and government circles.

Members of the public and other interest groups are encouraged to participate and donate to the organization to support its mission to impact the community positively. In 2017, over 500 volunteers donated their time and skills to help Advancing Justice – LA carry out its objectives throughout the US.

In a strategy to sensitize the public and stakeholders about its services, Advancing Justice – LA periodically publishes reports on voter data, census information and client stories. Public information is also relayed via newsletters and press releases.

About Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

The Cofounders of the Phoenix New times and Village Voice Media, Michel Lacey and Jim Larkin established the now well-known Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund to support migrant rights groups in Arizona.

The fund benefitted from $3.7 million settlement awarded to the newsmen by a Court in Arizona for wrongful arrest by the then Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The journalists were arrested on the night of October 18, 2017 for revealing the existence of grand jury proceedings that sought reporter’s notes on the Sheriff. The grand jury subpoenas also demanded to know the identities of New Times readers interested in Arpaio articles.

Unperturbed by the forces that want to curtail civil liberties, continue to report on various issues affecting immigrants and civilians in general. The news article portal covers a host of topics under; DACA/DREAM, Arpaio Archives, In the Media and Trump Watch.

One of the latest installations about Donald Trump is a proposal by civil rights groups to encourage citizens of Arizona to exercise their freedom of speech by matching against Trump, during his visit to the state. The President is expected to pardon former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and 45 people criminally sentenced and pardoned by the Sheriff.

Casio Audi Musically Wins the Hearts of Many

Casio Audi is naturally a musician, who does well, especially as a drummer. As a child, his parents noticed his talent and enrolled him in several music classes where he perfected his skills as a singer and drummer. Nevertheless, they allowed him to have a diversified approach to life since he was equally talented in finance and mathematical fields. After his elementary studies, he was lucky enough to meet a group of musicians, who were equally talented. Two of the group members, Yvette and Pit, were brothers, who had just moved out of their parents’ premises to enjoy some freedom. They also got a third roommate called Machado, who would join often as they played their music. They also attracted their neighbor Matos, who would frequently join them as they held their music sessions. Matos also called Casio to their meetings and when they were five, they decided to form the Vipers Rock Band.

Casio Audi, who is a natural leader, gave direction to the group. He noticed that the group needed to be motivated to work hard. Consequently, he constantly told them that without commitment none of them would make it in music. He also told them the competition was very stiff they needed to upgrade if they wanted people around the world to know their music. Casio also played the role of pitching the group’s music, anytime they came up with songs. Additionally, he encouraged the members to perfect their skills as they needed to be perfect to win the world. To know more about him click here.

One of the measures that Casio implemented was making practice sessions compulsory for all. Failure to attend the meetings resulted in lofty fines for whoever missed. He also made music the center of the group’s activities, asking each member to spend at least 12 hours in music daily.

Desiree Perez: Negotiating the Impossible

The entertainment industry is usually characterized by celebrities and their accomplishments. However, what most people do not realize, is that the negotiations and management is what truly makes this industry. Desiree Perez, a chief operating officer of Roc Nation, has beat the odds by being one of the most powerful women in the entertainment industry.

Desiree Perez has played a critical role in Jay-Z’s businesses and helped secure the success of his empire. For over twenty years, Perez has been a powerful negotiator and has truly showed her abilities under Roc Nation. The entertainment company, who houses successful artists like Rihanna and Shakira, was established in 2008. The company helps producers, songwriters, and recording artists with their brand building, management, promotions, and productions. Click on for additional article.

One great example of Perez’s negotiation strength is the Samsung collaboration that promoted Rihanna’s Anti tour. Perez was able to negotiate a $25 million deal with Samsung, helping Rihanna secure her A-list status in the industry. In the future, Rihanna’s successes will at least be partly due to Desiree Perez and her abilities to solidify her artist’s presence in the industry.  Related article on

When Roc Nation first entered the entertainment business in 2008, Perez helped the company enter an $150 million deal with Live Nation. Being part of Jay-Z’s negotiating team, Perez also helped the company renew the contract for ten more years.  See

Desiree Perez works in the background of the entertainment industry, but she is what keeps the show running. Thanks to her negotiation abilities, Roc Nation has secured itself as one of the top entertainment companies in the industry. Artists like Rihanna garner success because of the deals and arrangements made behind the curtain by individuals like Desiree Perez.   Perez has accomplished more than people dream about in the industry, and it looks like there is no getting in her way in the future.  More to read here.

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Desiree Perez is the secret powerhouse behind Roc Nation’s rocking

The entertainment industry is a very competitive sector dominated mostly by men. By last year, the music industry was estimated to be generating more than $17.2 billion in revenue annually. The hard workers and the patient once are the once who get to share this cake, no room for lazy bones and the wannabes. But for iron ladies like Desiree Perez, well known as Dez, is riding the industry wave reaping benefits that come with it and making a name for herself.

Dez and Shawn Carter

Mention the name Carter, popularly known as Jay Z, and you won’t miss Dez’s name popping up. She’s among the industry revolutionist pushing mega million deals that have left many with just admirations. Dez has been very critical part of Carter’s businesses ever since he was just still a street rapper till today.

Des Perez has been entrusted corporate responsibilities by Carter which includes running day-to-day activities of his multi-million music recording label, the Roc Nation. She executes everything with one goal, to top up the company’s profitability.

Desiree successes in Roc Nation and beyond

According to a source close to her, she has been the most trusted and close ally to Carter due to her exemplary skills in problem-solving. She has been a secret weapon for Carter when it comes to negotiations and achieving company’s objectives. Her confidence, style, and no-nonsense attitude are what make her unique in this men-dominated world.

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Perez has been reported to have had a hand in Rihanna’s $25 million deal with Samsung. This has made Rihanna the highest paid music entertainer. Not only this, she has been there since for Rihanna, providing guidance and encourage all through. Even way back in 2008 when Roc Nation signed a $150 million deal with Live Nation, Dez was around to offer her contribution.  Refer to for related article.

Roc Nation through Desiree’s leadership has established numerous connections with various industries to enhance the well-being of its clients and their careers. Click on to read more. The company is proud to have nurtured musicians the likes of Meek Mill, Joe Cole, and Shakira among other prominent names.

Juan Perez, Des’ husband, is the head of sports wing of Roc Nation where in this sector, negotiating deals is a must have skill. This is where Dez magic bands come in handy. She has helped boxing stars like Miguel Cotto, baseball’s star Robinson Cano among others who are signed under Roc Nation sports management.

Though the entertainment is not a walk in the park, Des has walked anyway. She had emerged stronger and smarter than when she started. Roc Nation depends on her, though Carter maybe the image of the company. For her timeline update, visit her page.

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Rocketship Education Is Fueled For Success

Charter schools have been formed to provide an alternative to public school education. There is a charter school network of K-5 charter schools known as Rocketship Education, non-profit charter schools. Many charter schools were opened to serve an unmet need in public schools. Rocketship’s purpose is to solve the problems of the gap in achievement.

Rocketship Education grew out of the dreams of Father Mateo Sheedy, Pastor of Sacred Heart Parsh in San Joes. Father Sheedy was known for a commitment to his community, youth, human rights and to education.

Father Mateo’s goal was to establish a plan to offer quality education to children of his parish. His goal was to provide the opportunity for the children to fulfill their dreams and attend college, He went so far as to create a scholarship program so that children could attend their hometown college, Santa Clara University.

Father Mateo passed away before his ideas fully took shape. However, his efforts inspired others to develop a model for the education of low-income children.

Rocketship Education created a successful model to education low-come challenge through its charter schools network. The first school was Rocketship Mateo Sheedy Elementary School which ranked better than 55.2% of elementary schools in California and 5th among 9 ranked elementary schools in the Santa Clara County Office Of Education School District.

How was it possible for this school to be this successful? The key words are diverse styles and approaches to education. Rocketship schools have a particular philosophy and ideals such as belief in the community, belief in tenacity, belief in innovation, and to pursue excellence. Rocketship Education rethinks the concept of an Elementary School.

There are seventeen Rocketship schools, thirteen schools in the Bay Area, two in Nashville, one in Milwaukee and one in Washington DC. More schools are planned based upon the interests of parents.

Teachers are trained to employ educational practices such as individualized coaching which is customized for each student. There is a leadership program for educators and principals, who are provided on the job training. Rocketship Education leaves no one behind, both teachers and students.

How To Get Marc Sparks Interested In Your Business

There are many prerequisites among other approaches to demonstrate the actions needed for you to get a financial speculator like Marc Sparks on board. You need to determine exactly how and where your money within your business is going to grow. Here is probably the most important elements that will be investigated: Learn more:


Getting the input of a venture capitalists like Sparks will be particularly hard

on the occasion that you do not have anything special to offer in your business. That is a key point in one of these partnerships. Providing something that no other company can offer is going to guaranty you customers, so long as what you are offering is of any value. It will be difficult for financial investors and venture capitalists alike, to see any potential in your business to begin with, if your idea is not original enough to separate you from other prospects.


You absolutely need something that is unlike anything else in order to succeed. It is okay to do something that puts you in competition with another organization, but it is even better for you to have your own lane. What is it that can make your product requested by many, or one thing that the general population can say in agreement, is a highlight of your company? Consider reasonably trying to do as much as you need to, in order to get the venture capitalist’s attention. If you can not peak their interests, then it that is a clear indication to that you will not only make money, as no one will be interested in whatever service that you are offering. Learn more:


The fact that money is the essential factor and this investment will grant you the ability to go into the developing stage. So it is only right to demonstrate all the features within an introductory that is eye catching and endearing. Even if the idea is already great, a well thought out presentation can be terribly effective, in more ways than one. Marc Sparks or any other venture capitalist will be able to see if you yourself are any good at marketing the product. Look at this as the first commercial for your company. A great presentation will give them not just trust in your product, but trust in you as well as a business man. Learn more:


It is also often important to show that you have at least one strategy that displays a legitimate marketing plan, one that is structured and shows exactly how you intend to make more than what is going to be initially invested into your business. If someone like Marc Sparks is going to see potential in you, it won’t be just a hunch, but we need a valid plan. The plan can also be your winning point in the presentation. These are usually the fundamentals of capitalizing on these types of opportunities. You must take every initiative possible in appealing to a venture capitalist. Do your homework, come up with something undeniable and you should be able to land an investor. Learn more:


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Challenges Amazon for Clothing Sales

If you were to realize how many clothing companies are all competing for the same customers, then you would understand how impressive that it is that Amazon is making 20 percent of all those sales. With thousands of companies all wanting a share of that revenue, it can be hard to close that gap to Amazon when they command that big of a chunk of the pie. Out of nowhere we have a clothing company that is challenging Amazon for those clothing sales, and Kate Hudson’s Fabletics does not appear to be losing any steam in the process. They have sold over $250 million in three years of women’s active-wear and workout clothing.


To get a better understanding why this particular athleisure brand has become so successful, listen to Hudson talk about the two key fundamentals of the brand, reverse showrooming and membership perks. Hudson knows the fashion e-commerce market is extremely competitive, but somehow these two processes are working for her brand. Just take a look inside the local Fabletics store in any mall. Women are getting their memberships, taking the lifestyle quiz, window-shopping, or trying on all the workout apparel that they can. Sales associates do not pressure these shoppers to make a purchase, and many leave the store without buying anything.


The piece of the puzzle that ties everything together is when customers visit the online store. The Fabletics e-commerce store is connect to the retail store, so when you try something on in the store at the mall, it gets uploaded to your account online. This makes it a breeze to just pick up shopping when you have time later in the day or week. Now since the issue of correct sizing has been eliminated because you already wore the clothing, all you have to do is shop the racks for whatever impulse buys grab your attention.


The membership perks at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics are numerous, including free shipping for all future orders, discounts on all the yoga pants, leggings, and tank tops, and even your very own personal shopping assistant. Your personal shopper reviews your quiz answers and will pick a piece of active-wear they think you will love, then they drop it in your cart the first of the month for your consideration. This is a formula working for Kate Hudson’s Fabletics and giving them the power to challenge Amazon for those women’s clothing sales.

Desiree Perez & Roc Nation

With the breakthrough $150 million deal between Jay Z and Live Nation about to end, many are speculating on the rap mogul’s next big move. After an epic 10 years with Live Nation, Jay Z is taking this opportunity to feel out other key players in the music industry about a possible stake in Jay Z’s music business Roc Nation. More to read on

Live Nation is interested in continuing its profitable touring deal with Jay Z, but has decided to end it recorded music business and not to extend their relationships with many of artists’ they had brought on board including artists like Shakira and Rihanna. Among those working on a possible sale for Roc Nation are Jay Z himself as well as his longtime business partner Desiree Perez.

Desiree Perez has enjoyed almost twenty years as a close business associate of Jay Z. She has a proven track record in the music industry and has been a fierce negotiator in many business deals for Jay Z as well as other artists like Rihanna and her lucrative Samsung deal. to read more updates from Dez, visit

Also known as Des Perez, she is a vital part of the collective called Hoya Circle of Influence that runs Roc Nation along with Ty Ty Smith, Jana Fleischman, Jay Brown, and Chaka Pilgrim. Perez plays a large part in Roc Nation’s management, publishing, and labeling operations.

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Jaz Z and Desiree Perez recently met with the chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group adding to speculation about a possible sale in Roc Nation. Considering that UMG already has a distribution deal with Roc Nation, a new deal would give them a much larger investment of all the Roc Nation artists.  Check for additional reading.

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Sawyer Howitt’s Development As A Young Entrepreneur

According to Sawyer Howitt, a young entrepreneur in Portland, Oregon, there are a number of cities in the United States that are ideal for millennial entrepreneurs. His criteria are how the economy is doing in each city, the city’s average age, funding access, high-speed broadband availability, and the networking scene.

Sawyer Howitt’s first choice is San Francisco which is the largest hotbed of technology in the world. A large number of very successful companies call this region home. Sawyer Howitt also says that Houston is very appealing as the region welcome entrepreneurs and government and community initiatives offer access to capital in order to start a business. Another good choice is Salt Lake City as it is an affordable and family-friendly place.

At The Meriwether Group, Sawyer Howitt is currently a Project Manager. His specialty is developing RFID technology that will allow retailers to incorporate ways to drastically speed up the shopping experience. Previously he had been a Business Strategy Analyst at this company and had also worked in customer service at a KURE Juice Bar location.

Sawyer Howitt’s core competencies include business and finance. He knows how to identify the chief components of a brand and what makes it appealing to consumers. He developed these skills both through working at The Meriwether Group and in internships he has served in. He just recently completed high school and will be attending Columbia University in New York City in the fall. He plans on earning a degree in entrepreneurial finance with a graduation expected in 2022.

Outside of his pursuit of his career and future as an entrepreneur, Sawyer Howitt also has a number of other interests. He enjoys playing racquetball including at the Portland Racquetball Club. He is also an avid follower of the Portland Trailblazers NBA team and attends games whenever he can.

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Brian Torchin Connects Healthcare Professionals with Jobs

As the President and owner of the Health Care Recruitment Counselors center, Brian Torchin has been working to connect health care professionals with jobs in hospitals across the United States, since 2005.

He graduated from the University of Delaware, with a Bachelor’s degree in exercise science. From there he spent the next years gaining a background in sports medicine and physical therapy. Since, he has gone on to developing a practice as a chiropractor, with an emphasis on overall health.

Brian Torchin still practices chiropractic medicine in addition to his duties with the HCRC. His experience working in the field is what prompted him to create the company.

He understood the difficulties that people faced while looking for work in the health care industry and began his work with the company, in order to serve as an intermediary between workers and hospitals.

The goal of this service is to navigate and organize job board postings, as well as discover other employment opportunities that would otherwise be poorly advertised. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

Torchin can be found on social media discussing topics relevant to the healthcare industry, as well as to the practice of medicine. In addition, he maintains a blog for his company on a regular basis, with a wide range of news and information about topics ranging from nutrition and health to company updates and success stories.

Though he keeps himself busy with his practice and his company, Torchin is regularly makes himself available to answer questions and offer insight to people who need assistance. His extensive background in medicine his knowledge of business, allows Torchin and the HCRC to offer career counseling, and unique insight to overall health to people all over the U.S.