Market America was founded in 1992 in Greensboro, North Carolina. Since its establishment, the company has generated over $7.3 billion in retail sales. Moreover, employees have earned over $3.8 billion for commission and retail profits. Market America Business has branded hundreds of brands since initiation. In addition to this, they have dealt with over 40 million products through their affiliates and partners.

Market America Business is a global dealer in internet marketing and brokerage where it specializes in online marketing and social shopping.

The company has employed over 700 employees who serve in the countries that they operate. The key goal of this firm is to finance independence through hard work and implementing a realistic and lucrative business plan. Their market structure is built on the basis of offering their customers available support so that when they succeed you also succeed.

Market America business remains updated since they move with the consumer demands. They market is mainly driven by latest products and services. Due to this, they are able to get what their consumers want.

Market America business operates in the following countries, United States of America, United Kingdom, Mexico, Spain, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan, and, Singapore. Due to the growth in market, they are expanding in areas such as Panama, New Zealand, and Jamaica. His facebook page

Dr. Jennifer Walden Has Succeeded In A Male Dominated Field

Surgery has been a field that tends to attract far more men then women. Part of the reason that the field has more men is because it is a very demanding field. People who want to be surgeon must complete a long and intensive course of training. Such is the case for Dr. Jennifer Walden. She has spend a great deal of time studying the human body. During this time, she’s had to devote her energy and attention to her chosen career. In doing so, she’s earned a sense of true satisfaction. As one of the best surgeons in Austin, Texas, she knows that she does not have many female peers. She also knows that she must continue at every turn to demonstrate her devotion to the world surgical excellence. Her life is all about drive and her determination to truly succeed. Despite the long hours required of her, she’s finding a great deal of personal satisfaction in what she does.

Her Remarkable Career

While the vast majority of people who seek out plastic surgery are female, the truth is that very few plastic surgeons are women. This is why Dr. Jennifer Walden is such a great resource for women. She has succeeded in what is a traditionally largely a male field. She shows women that they can do anything they set their minds to no matter what obstacles may lay in their path. Her life and her work are about demonstrating that women are just as capable of mastering complicated techniques in any field. She wants other women to see what she has done and take heart knowing they can work just as hard and succeed very well. Her remarkable career has led her to many places and enabled her to succeed as a woman in a male field. About Welden

Adam Milstein – Family Man

Adam Milstein fought for Israel as part of the Israeli Defense Forces. In the 1973 Yom Kippur war, he followed General Ariel Sharon in pushing the Egyptian army back across the Suez Canal and into Egypt.

When Adam Milstein came to America from Israel, he had two goals. The first was to complete his education. This he accomplished by earning a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Southern California.

His second goal was to take full advantage of the business opportunities in the United States. He accomplished this by becoming a managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties, a privately owned commercial real estate investment firm with over two-million dollars worth of property under management.

When he told his then teenage daughters that he wanted them to marry Jewish men, they pointed out that Milstein himself lived a secular life. Upon hearing this, Adam Milstein immediately set out to make changes.

He and his wife Gila founded the Milstead Family Foundation, active in connecting young Jews from around the world with their Jewish heritage. The Foundation supports many Jewish and pro-Israeli organizations.

Among them is a pro-Israeli umbrella organization called the Israel on Campus Coalition. The Coalition was created to unite, empower, and inspire Jewish college students to see their heritage as a source of inspiration and enable them to counter anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli activities on campus.

A second campus organization, StandWithUs, teaches Jewish students about their history and traditions and works to strengthen their ties to Israel.

Hasbara Fellowships offer college students a chance to visit Israel, meet with and receive instruction from high-level Israeli officials and learn to promote and defend the state of Israel on their individual campuses.

The Israeli-American Council was created by a small group of Jewish leaders, including Adam Milstein and his wife Gila. This group instilled into it three founding principles: to strengthen future generations of Israeli-Americans, of Jewish Americans, and the connection between Israel and the United States. Youtube channel

Kate Hudson and Fabletics Is Finding Success In The Apparel World

They say that the apparel world is a cutthroat business where hot brands can suddenly cool off at a moment’s notice. And forget about new brands trying to break into the exclusive club. So it comes as a surprise when a new brand explodes on the scene and not only rises to the top but does so in an unconventional way. A brand that has, of all things, a young Hollywood starlet as one of its corporate leaders.


Welcome to the world of Fabletics. What is known as one of the first big brands in the activewear segment, Fabletics has been able to break into a tough market that has been dominated by Amazon, who owns a staggering 20% of the overall apparel market.


Fabletics is best known for having Hollywood actress Kate Hudson as one of the principal owners as well as the face of the company. As a yoga and fitness enthusiasts, Miss Hudson is considered a natural fit for the brand. And the results? Fabletics has grown to become a $250 million dollar business in just three years.


So what is the secret to the company’s success? Fabletics has pioneered the practice of “Reverse Showrooming.” Most retail companies are hurt by customers who “Showroom” their goods – examining the goods at the store and then buying them online from someone else. With “reverse showrooming,” Fabletics encourages customers to become members. And when a customer browses an item, the item immediately becomes available in their online cart. The result is a much higher conversion rate per customer. Also, this practice prevents Fabletics from losing potential sales to their competitors.


Another secret to Fabletics marketing effectiveness is their ability to use local data to customize their physical stores to fit specific markets. Stores are stocked according to the preferences of customers in a given area. This information also allows each store to tweak and refine their stock to adjust to changing tastes and trends.


Based in El Segundo, California, Fabletics operates 22 physical stores along with their e-commerce site. The company also operates a membership service that delivers new products to their members.


Founded in July 2013 by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, and Kate Hudson, Fabletics is one of the fastest growing appeal companies in the world. The company has grown an average of 35% in each year of its existence. In September 2017, the company announced that it would be expanding into the footwear segment with a line of lifestyle, slip-on and workout sneakers.

Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Joins Forces With WebMD

One of the many reasons why people waste precious time before seeking cancer treatment is that they may be uninformed. They only know that the word cancer can mean terminal. There is no need to accept that misunderstanding. Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers many different treatment options, and the hope for survival. They not only treat the cancer, but they also educate the patient about the disease, and help rid them of all misconceptions. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has now partnered with WebMD so that patients, caregivers, and the general public can learn about specifics cancers without the bothersome internet research.

Patients will find everything that they need to know about their, or a loved ones cancer, and learn all of the available treatment options. They can even navigate their own specific treatment, and the cancer from diagnosis to their survival and aftercare. This partnership can save the lives of millions of cancer patients who believe that their cancer may be the end. Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides patients with the various treatment options that they offer, and will help them decide on the best one for them. CTCA found that the best way to give this beneficial information to patients and the public was through WebMD.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America and WebMD use an interactive interface in order to reach their common goal, and also their end goal. WebMD is user friendly, and the support is provided by certified doctors who specialize in specific types of cancer. With this advancement, patients can better understand the disease, and what can be done to help them live the healthiest and most normal lifestyle possible. Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded in the 1980s and saved the lives of millions of people. Their approach to treatment has been patient centered, and proven to work. They use an integrative approach so that patients can maintain their quality of life, stamina, and strength.

The CTCA offers treatments that include chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation, and surgery. They have experienced, highly trained clinicians that provide therapies to help with fatigue, nausea, pain, and other side effects. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has hospitals in Atlanta, Georgia, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Philadelphia, Penn., Chicago, Illinois, and Phoenix, Arizona. No matter what region of the United States you may reside, there is a center available nearby. Cancer does not have to be a life sentence.

Cancer Care Youtube channel:

Sahm Adrangi: Investing in the High Risk Market

There are so many people who are trying to gain profit through trading. One of the best ways to earn money through trading is investing in high-risk investments because these investments are the ones that bring in more profit. Cryptocurrencies are similar in nature because both are highly volatile, but high-risk investment in the stock market is a more reliable source of income. One of the most prominent investors in the field of high-risk investment is Sahm Adrangi, who has been serving as the chief investment officer, or the CIO, of Kerrisdale Capital Management, a financial firm that he founded in 2009. He managed to make the company one of the leading financial firms in the United States because of his dedication to helping the people in becoming financial literate.

Sahm Adrangi started to manage investments worth below $1 million. However, due to his dedication promoting high-risk investment, more people started to reconsider the option and they asked the assistance from his company.

The years between 2009 and 2017 were considered as the crucial years for the company to grow. They became successful because of the expertise of their CIO, and the number of investment that they are managing rose to a tremendous amount of $150 million. Sahm Adrangi expressed his gratitude to those who keep on trusting in their company, and today, more people are putting their finances in the hands of Sahm Adrangi for him to manage.

Kerrisdale Capital Management already helped millions of people to gain millions through trading. They are one of the most reliable investment firms in the United States today, and the company has developed a positive reputation among the people because they are showing real results. Sahm Adrangi continues to dominate the investment industry, and he wanted to show the world that he can be one of the most successful investors in the country. He is currently focused on gaining more profit by investing in a yet to be unveiled company. He paid $100 million worth of stocks, and the clients who have helped him are expecting that they too would gain additional income.


The Cancer Treatment Centers of America Offer Varied Treatments

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) uses unique methods of treating cancer along with the standard, more traditional methods as well. Cancer is all that they treat, so they are not sidetracked with other diseases unless they are part of an overall problem related to cancer treatment.

Treatment for cancer at CTCA is a treatment for the whole person. There are many side effects and problems of cancer that are particular to the disease and that must be dealt with. For example seventy percent of cancer patients are undernourished and experience severe fatigue. There is lots of pain in many cases, along with depression, weakness and a general sense of desperation.

People who have cancer are entering a new world that they have never experienced before that is very unpredictable and scary. CTCA understands this and great measures are taken to help people and their families get through this.

Traditional treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and pain management are used by CTSA. In addition, the non-traditional therapies of naturopathic medicine, nutrition therapy, advanced genomic testing, mind-body medicine, spiritual support, genetics, hormone therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic care are used as well. All of the combined treatments are called the integrated care process.

CTSC uses what they call a collaborative approach to treating cancer. When a patient is first admitted, they undergo a very thorough interview and physical examination. Then doctors are assigned to that patient who specializes in the kinds of cancer that are present. All of the treatment is done under one roof, so there is no traveling around all over the countryside to receive the treatment. The patient’s family can be right there to support their loved one during the process.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America uses tested and well-documented procedures that have proven to have attained proven results in the past. The treatments and procedures are those that pertain to the type of cancer that is manifesting in the patient.

Eric Lefkofksy: Centralized Data Collection for Cancer Research

Eric Lefkofksy of TempusLabs explains that Cancer Moonshot tries to address this problem but requires a significant amount of application in order to do so. This is because physicians often use individualized data analysis procedures and techniques, isolating large amounts of patient data. The way that cancer research will improve is by collecting large-scale molecular data with multiple institutions, hospitals and medical centers.

This would take genomic and molecular profiling to a larger level because patients will be able to record much more data as a collective set. Finding relevant patterns through this clinical analysis will help build technology platforms and allows doctors the opportunity to work with new therapies. Biological and digital information can be modeled easier and treatment methods can be more precisely involved in what effects each patient and their condition.

Building scalable research platforms will be central to the development of cancer research and treatment methods in the future. Vivo end in vitro methods can also be used to impact the way patients diseases are defined and treated. The crossover between data analysis software and existing healthcare system infrastructure will allow for cancer research to take place in a responsible and successive way.

Tempus is one organization that aims to help physicians deliver greater care and personalized attention to cancer patients. This is done by including big data and learning tools in the process of documenting and designing treatment plans. Numerous geneticist and biology involved in computational data as well as engineers have been involved with the process of cancer documentation and infrastructure. By creating tools needed to establish molecular information, cancer research can use genetic sequencing and novel therapies when treating cancer patients. These insights are applicable to radiology, pathology, oncology and surgery.

Tempus aims to incorporate data analysis and related software in the way that cancer research takes place in the present and future. Building a platform that connects positions and healthcare research institutes can centralize data collection and allow for larger pools when sampling and and analyzing patient outcomes. These kinds of tools will help improve the way that physicians contribute to research while new technologies are developed over time.

The Human Rights Groups Today In The United States

Various groups today have different advocacies. There are many of these advocacies today that focus on human rights. Accordingly, there are also numerous rights that these groups fight for, and some of the primary ones include migrant rights, civil rights and rights that are given for those who are illegally detained. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Here are some of the groups today that have their headquarters in the United States and that help people cope with human rights issues:

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA)

This organizaion has its roots in California and it is helping immigrant families and other individuals to make sure that their human rights are protected. This group acts as an agent toward making sure that the rights of those who come from overseas have active participation in the country’s democracy.

The group makes sure that there’s progressive realization of the social protections endowed to these migrants. It is also their mission to make sure that these migrants are included in the society without any discrimination.

ACLU Immigrants’ Human Rights Project

The main agenda of this group is to reframe the public opinion about the rights and civil issues involving migrants. The human rights of these people should be protected, and ACLU wants to be the group to be responsible for the help. It is also the mission of the organization to make sure that the civil liberties and voices of migrant workers. The advocacy that the team is pushing is also to make sure that the litigation processes involved in immigration issues are undergone with due process. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

This group was formed after the co-founders of Phoenix New Times were captured illegally. These two journalists from the newspaper, Michael Lacey along with Jim Larkin have organized the group to make sure that what they experience won’t happen to anyone else.

They got about an astonishing 3 million dollars from the settlement of the case when the arrest on them was done illegally. The arrest was made in their home in the middle of the night without the proper papers. After that, it was also found out that the documents used to process the litigation were compromised because of the intervention of the police to acquire the documents from the jury.

The two reporters won on the case after suing the county for the malicious intent that was involved in their arrest. You can find out more about the case by clicking here.

Summary and Conclusion

There are many migrant rights groups today that focus on making sure that immigration issues are settled legally and with justice. In this article, you learned some of the most popular ones. We hope you can use this article to get your human rights protected.

Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter

Robert Ivy & The American Institute Of Architects

With a membership of over 90,000 plus, a history that dates back to 1857, and having a strong influence not just in Washington D.C where the company is based but also nationwide, the American Institute of Architects is one of if not the leading Architectural companies out there. It would be very safe to assume that it would take someone highly qualified to run such a company as distinguished as the American Institute of Architects and, that could not be truer than with Robert Ivy.

As Executive Vice President and CEO of the leading architectural company, Robert Ivy has, without a question, been one of the most influential and significant leaders in getting the American Institute of Architects to where it is today. With that said, here is more on the career of Robert Ivy and the great accomplishments he has managed to achieve with the American Institute of Architects.

Robert Ivy Career & Background
As mentioned before, Robert Ivy is the Executive Vice President and CEO of the American Institute of Architects, or AIA for short. Having oversight of more than 200 branches of the company and 90,000 plus members and professionals, Robert has dedicated his services to guaranteeing a better architectural present and future. With that type of mentality, Robert owes much to his education and previous work experience that have surely molded him into what he is at AIA. For one, Robert achieved earned a masters degree in Architecture from Tulane University and also a bachelors degree from The University of the South. Also, in one of his many career stops before AIA, Robert became the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record in 1996, which helped him gain major respect and appreciation from the architectural industry. Needless to say, his past career experiences and background prepared him well for an outstanding career so far.

Accomplishments At the American Institute of Architects
As a way to avoid making too long of a list, Robert Ivy and his accomplishments are vast, to say the least. In fact, AIA has managed to become such a global leader in their field that they are now the ones who give out awards such as AIA Gold Medal, the Architecture Firm Award, and the AIA/ACSA Topaz Medallion for Excellence in Architectural Education. All in all, as a man as successful as Robert Ivy, his main goal is to increase the advancement of education and communities not just on a local or national scale, but of course globally.