Securus Technologies Help to Maintain Connections

I feel that Securus Technologies is a wonderful and beneficial service provided for those who know a loved one that is incarcerated. The Video Visitation service is a great way for someone to make memories and share moments with an incarcerated loved one. I feel the service could help individuals incarcerated to still feel connected to a family member or a friend. It is great to instill hope and encouragement for those serving time and dealing with hardships along the way. Life goes by so fast and it is important to still feel connected.


Securus Technologies offers a variety of services. Its services are here to fit an individuals needs and help an individual to stay connected with an incarcerated loved one. Some of the phone services include Advance Connect, Direct Bill, Traditional Collect, and Inmate Debit. Advance Connect allows you to be able to have phone charges directly taken from your prepaid account. Direct Bill allows the calls recieved from an incarcerated individual to be directly billed to you on a monthly basis. The Traditional Collect service allows you to receive calls and have the charges put directly on the local phone bill. As mentioned above Securus Technologies provides Inmate Debit. Inmate Debit is a service that allows those incarcerated to pay for phone calls made on an account. With this service you are able to directly add money to an individual’s account without having to start one yourself.


The Video Services provided by Securus Technologies allows you to be able to make a visit with an incarcerated loved one on a computer at home. Jail Voicemail service allows you to share any important news with a loved one right away without having to wait for the next visit. You leave a voice mail through this service and the incarcerated loved one will be notified of the voice mail promptly. Email service is also available now with Securus Technologies to use to share information. This service allows you to send an email 24/7, attach a greeting card, receive notifications regarding acceptance or rejection of email, and provide a simple and reliable way to communicate with an incarcerated loved on. For more information regarding the beneficial services that Securus Technologies provides please follow this link


In conclusion, Securus Technologies is an amazing service that helps individuals to still maintain a connection with a loved one that is incarcerated.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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