Securus Technologies, Inc. to Acquire Jpay, Inc.

Securus Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of captive communication, government information management solution, and parolee tracking. The company serves over 2,600 correctional facilities across North America including Canada, Columbia District, and Mexico. In the country, the company serves more than one million inmates. It is recognized for providing innovative technological solutions, comprehensive and responsive customer service. Their primary focus is to specialize in law enforcement communities and correctional needs. Its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. They also have regional offices in Dallas metropolitan area and Atlanta, Georgia.


Based in Miramar, Jpay, is one of the leading providers of email, inmate payments, and tablet products to more than 33 correctional facilities across the United States. They serve over 1.6 million prisoners in the country. They use these technologies to enhance the capability to curb crime and reduce fraudulent activities. They also reduce recidivism and waste. Jpay, a fully-automated and licensed payment transmitter, was founded as an electronic payment company in 2002. The firm has grown to include a digital platform combining kiosks, tablets, and inmate cloud. The digital platform provides inmate access to music, email, games, books, education, and shopping.


Securus Technologies has announced its acquisition plans to purchase Jpay, Inc. they have signed a Purchase Stock Agreement with the company. Jpay is the leading technology companies in the market that introduced email, host entertainment, and electronic payment system. They also provide education-related apps to inmates. This transaction will propel Securus Technologies into one of the fastest growing correctional companies in the United States through inmate tablets, email, and electronic payments. Securus Technologies CEO, Rick Smith, said that the corporation has an accrued capability to offer any tech-related services to the correctional market through Jpay acquisition. Jpay is an innovative force for good. The company admires its technology to make a better correctional space. For many years, Securus has watched the company.



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