The Life of George Soros, the Tragedy of the EU and His Hope for the Ukraine

The Business Success of George Soros
Based on his impressive biography on his Project Syndicate author bio, George Soros is a larger than life philanthropist, business mogul, financial genius and a massively influential social justice warrior. The crown gem of his financial success and primary source of his massive fortune is the Soros Fund Management, where he was the founder and currently runs. His primary command center for the war he fights on behalf of social justice and open boarders for Europe and the United States is the Open Society Foundation, where he also currently chairs and founded.

George Soros: The Passionate Writer
In addition to his many organizations and investments, Soros is a prolific author of many novels, and he is a columnist for a myriad of periodicals and media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, Project Syndicate and the New York Review of Books. The purpose of this article is to recap and summarize his piece published by the New York Review of Books concerning the internal and external problems of the European Union. The full article can be found here.

The European Union’s Addiction to Crisis
After reading the introduction to the article, anyone can get the impression the European Union has problems, and the problems are frustrating to George Soros. The EU seems to be an expert at getting itself into trouble. One crisis will begin as another begins to end, and there are always several going on at one time. At the time of the article, October 2015, the EU was was dealing with several problems within its own economic and political union. The currency has turned into a disaster, Greece can’t pay its bills back, the Brexit vote was coming up and the refugee crisis was causing a number of problems.

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He Was Right About the EU Based on the Results
Since the time of publishing, the public has learned the refugee crisis is really migration because only a small percentage are Syrian refugees, and Britain, the second largest economy in the EU, voted to leave it because of the failing Euro, which was about to be imposed on them, and the campaign to leave was run mostly on the immigration. George Soros was correct about the addiction to crisis, however, his main concern in the article is an external crisis involving the Ukraine, Russia and Vladimir Putin.

George Soros Is Focused on Helping the Ukraine
George Soros is a globalism kind of guy, and he wants the EU to expand with open boarders. He would love to see the Ukraine escape the grip of Russia once and for all, and he would prefer the country to eventually join the EU. He has said many times the Ukrainians are for the EU, so the EU needs to do the moral things and weaken Russia. Harsh Sanctions on Russia and debt forgiveness for the Ukraine are the two main things George Soros proposes the EU should do. Based on the crisis developments he is rarely wrong.

Learn more about George Soros:–and-germany-in-particular–to-take-the-lead?barrier=true

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