The Rise of Equities First Holdings in UK

If you are looking for financial solutions and possibilities, Equities First Holdings United Kingdom is the place to be. This rising investment and advisory giant, has become a global leader in finance. Equities First Holdings rise has been propelled through partnerships with other global players in the field of investments and law.

In 2013, Equities First Holdings kicked off in the United Kingdom and since then, it has provided shareholder funds to many investors. The parent holding company has offices in other parts of the world like the United States, other parts of Europe and the Far East.

Part of the success of the Equities First Holdings is attributed to the shift from the securities-based lending. It has specialized in equities-based lending that is non-recourse and comes with a small cost of credit. The company works under the watch of the Financial Conduct Authority of United Kingdom. Equities First Holdings team is steered by five active directors and the CEO is Al Christy, Jr.