The Rise of Fabletics.

Kate Hudson has made it big when it comes to activewear. This success is not a walk in the park, especially considering that Amazon controls a fifth of the fashion market.

This percentage means that eighty percent of the market remains to the rest of the competitors for scrambling and partitioning.

In three years, Kate has been able to grow her start-up into a two hundred and fifty million dollar enterprise which keeps increasing by the day. To do this, she has made changes to the conventional means that people relied upon in the past.

A decade ago, the only way that one could guarantee success regarding sales was to either produce high-quality clothes or to sell your merchandise at discounted prices.

Fabletics uses a subscription technique to keep customers coming. The reasoning behind this approach is that customers love the convenience and if you mix it up a little with an aspirational brand, you have the key to breaking through in the fashion industry.

Customers are now looking for excellent customer service, excellent delivery, and great designs.

Reverse showrooming

Most clothing suppliers are getting pushed out of business because of showrooming. Showrooming is where a customer goes online and sees a good item then heads elsewhere to get it at a lower price.

With Fabletics, most customers who go to their stores are already members and whatever one chooses at the store automatically gets into their online shopping cart.

In this way, it will not matter whether the clothing is bought at the store or online as Fabletics will benefit either way. Fabletics considers retail to be another part of the business which helps them embrace showrooming.

The rise of Fabletics

Kate has shown a lot of commitment to Fabletics and has taken active part from the start. Where many celebrities endorse products that they do not necessarily believe in or use, Kate uses the Fabletics activewear.

Fabletics has experienced positive feedback from other celebrities such as Demi Lovato who has heaped praises on the wear.

According to Demi, one of the main reasons that the clothes have become so popular is that they are available for all types of women. Whatever the shape of the woman, she will find something that fits her.

Through the use of technology in their membership programs, it is quite easy for customers to get outfits that are perfect for them. By taking part in the Lifestyle Quiz, you can find out which gear is ideal for you.